“Sahel” reviews the implementation strategy in support of digital transformation and financial inclusion in the Egyptian market

Aya Hussein

Based on Egypt’s focus on including digital transformation as a way of life And relying on digital tools to provide services that facilitate the daily life of citizens, and with a focus on using the latest technologies to provide government services, the founders of the “Sahel” application reviewed the leading Egyptian company in electronic payment and collection services, which launched its business in 866 Today, the company’s strategic plan is to provide charging services for electricity meters and other daily services that customers need through its smart application.

Abdullah Asal, Managing Director of Delta Egypt Payments Company, stressed his pride in providing such a service that contributes to improving the lives of citizens, making services easier and faster, and at the same time providing a safe protection umbrella for one of the most important daily services.

He added that the “Sahel” application was launched at an important time in the year

. In conjunction with the “Covid-19” crisis 38 *) “In order to avoid the spread of infection, and in line with the directions of the Egyptian state to provide all services through digital platforms and mobile applications, where

there are more than 30 million residential / commercial units that pay their obligations monthly. Through traditional methods,

, noting that the first goal of the application is to facilitate the lives of citizens by enabling it to charge prepaid electricity meters from home without having to leave the house.

Abdullah added that the application succeeded in reaching more download times From 500 thousand, and got the highest rating score from customers 4.7/5.0 on the App Store and Android app stores,

As well as completing millions of financial transactions through an easy application since its launch.

According to statistics issued by the Ministry of Electricity, The total number of subscribers with prepaid counters is about 03. 2 million subscribers by the end of the year

. , and indicated that the ministry aims to reach, with its total subscribers, about 38 one million subscribers to prepaid meters by the year , by changing all the old meters with prepaid ones that work via the recharge card.

Abdullah Assal explained that “Sahel” is cooperating with a large number of service providers such as banks and telecommunications companies to allow payment through electronic wallets, various applications and bank cards, stressing that it has added more than 50 new payment services to transfer the application. To a comprehensive application for all daily payments to the citizen, including public utilities (electricity – water – gas) in addition to telephone and mobile services, donations, university expenses and various subscriptions, and this comes in line with the directions of the government, led by the Central Bank, to support financial technology and smart applications, To Improving the cash cycle and reducing the time required to collect payments for the benefit of various government agencies.

And he added that citizens can go to its electricity distribution company to replace the charging cards for prepaid meters with cards that support the NFC feature through the distribution company or request the card through the application, stressing that the application on is the highest in the world. The category of financial applications in Egypt in terms of the level of customer satisfaction, and the application achieved a wide spread after the confidence it gained from the citizens.