In cooperation with the National Media and the Ministry of Finance, a workshop will be held on financial and administrative performance

وزير المالية
Minister of Finance

Fathi Al-Sayeh

Within the framework of cooperation between the National Media Authority and the Ministry of Finance and keeping pace with digital transformation, the authority has agreed to host a joint workshop on developing financial and administrative performance in accordance with modern methods and within the framework of a process Digitization, and the workshop includes specialists from the sectors of the National Media Authority and workshop lecturers from the Ministry of Finance. 034688 The National Media Authority affirms that it spares no effort in serving the national goals, and activating the horizon of cooperation between the various parties participating in the workshop, which aims to raise the efficiency of workers to achieve maximum Benefit from the training and qualification of the personnel entrusted with this matter to carry out their role to the fullest

and worthy By mentioning a The workshop will be held on Sunday, the fourth of this month, at the National Media Building in Maspero, and it comes within the plan of the Ministry of Finance to achieve integration between the electronic financial and administrative systems in the various state institutions, and to qualify the specialized employees to perform the roles assigned to them in this regard, in a way that saves time and effort and enhances governance. And create a work environment for the preparation and implementation of financial and administrative procedures and operations