The Enterprise Development Agency showcases its financial and technical services to support franchise projects during the activities of the BusinessExpo

Fathi Al-Sayeh and Issam Abu Sadira

Within the framework of the Enterprise Development Agency’s keenness to activate aspects of cooperation with entities working in the field of supporting entrepreneurship and coordination with all development partners; To encourage young people with ideas who wish to establish innovative small projects, especially entrepreneurs who wish to launch their own projects in the field of franchising.11792269096582022
The Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises Development Agency participated in the activities of the International Business Fair for Investment and Commercial Agencies, in the presence of distinguished officials of the Enterprise Development Agency, as well as the participation of two of the agency’s partners who own trademark rights (one of which is the International Company) to present Distinctive investment opportunities for young entrepreneurs participating in the exhibition activities.1179226909658202211792269096582022 Eng. Tariq Shash confirmed Executive Vice President of the Enterprise Development Agency, in a speech delivered on behalf of Ms. Nevin Gamea, CEO of the Enterprise Development Agency, that the agency is at the forefront of the development agencies in the country that work to provide various aspects of financial and technical support in the field of franchising, because of its importance in creating More job opportunities for young people and attracting foreign investments, as well as the close link of the field of franchising to various development sectors, as well as the enjoyment of projects It is granted the right of commercial franchising with marketing opportunities that enable it to compete locally and internationally.117922690965820228971692447803722 Shash explained that The Enterprise Development Agency works to help young people and entrepreneurs explore many investment opportunities in the commercial and productive field related to the field of franchising, within the framework of its general strategy to expand in the field of franchising in the Egyptian market to facilitate the process of communication between the dealing parties, to encourage young people to create new projects that contribute to providing More decent and stable job opportunities, especially since franchising projects are safe projects or have very low risk levels.117922690965820228971692447803722 Shash indicated that the agency relies in its support in this field on connecting franchise service providers who own international or local brands with young people, educating young people about their rights and duties, as well as granting them the necessary funds to start their project according to the feasibility study, and providing non-financial services. For project owners, which makes the process of granting commercial franchise rights to young people more efficient, and works to improve the environment for setting up franchise projects in the Egyptian market. 8971692447803722 The Executive Vice President of the Enterprise Development Agency added that an entrepreneur or a young person wishing to obtain services can The Agency in the field of franchising is to apply to one of the Agency’s branches spread across the various governorates of the Republic to fill out the introduction form related to the project, provided that the Agency transfers it to the companies granting the commercial franchise right to study the project, inspect its location, and indicate the extent of its conformity with the specifications and requirements, where in the event of approval, the customer fulfills the documents required by The Agency to start launching its small project, and it can benefit from all the financial and technical services provided by the Enterprise Development Authority.