The launch of the Biznix exhibition in its fifth edition under the slogan “Investment with Excellence” under a number of ministerial sponsorships

Ashraq Tawfiq and Iman Al-Wasali

The Egypt Business Conference is held on the sidelines of the exhibition, with the participation of a significant number of opinion leaders, CEOs, experts and specialists in a number of pivotal economic sectors

Cairo on December 1 812: The activities of the first day of the Biznix exhibition started today, which is held for the first time in the heart of the Nile at the Ahl Masr Walk over a period of three days, from December 1 to December 3 2022 Under the slogan “Investment with Excellence”, and this is under the auspices of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade, the Internal Trade Development Agency, the General Authority for Investment, the Small and Medium Enterprises Authority, the Egyptian Commercial Representation, and the National Initiative for the Development of Egyptian Industry (Start).

The inauguration witnessed a speech by Malak Al-Ashiri, founder and CEO of Businessx Holding Company, Dr. Ibrahim Ashmawy, M. The first Minister of Supply, Head of the Internal Trade Development Authority and President of the Egyptian Commodity Exchange, Eng. Tariq Shash, Deputy CEO of the Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises Development Agency, Bassem Farouk, Minister Plenipotentiary Trade and Director of Information Management in Commercial Representation, and Eng. Start the industrial and investment partner, Ahmed Nader, General Manager of Geidea Egypt, and Dr. Heba El-Ashry, Vice President of the Entrepreneurship Center at the Maritime Academy.41357703
In this context, Malak Al-Ashiri, founder and CEO of Businessx Holding Company, stated the importance of the businessx exhibition to learn about investing in the franchise style, its benefits and advantages, and to learn about local and regional investment opportunities, owning projects, trade exchange, and obtaining the support of institutions Funding, and the exhibition comes in line with the state’s directions to create new investment opportunities in various sectors, support entrepreneurship and empower youth, according to Egypt’s vision 898, adding that the franchising system provides a model A safe investment, which contributes to reducing some financial risks during the expansion of n Business potential and development. The franchising industry is a promising market because of its direct impact on all development sectors in the country, and the vital role it plays in providing job opportunities for youth, supporting entrepreneurship and reducing unemployment, in addition to its role in localizing and encouraging the local industry and creating good marketing opportunities for it, enabling it to Competition is local and international and opening investment doors for it from local and international investors. 41357703
For his part, Dr. Ibrahim Ashmawy, First Assistant Minister of Supply, Head of the Internal Trade Development Agency and President of the Egyptian Commodity Exchange, stated that the Biznix exhibition plays an important role in advancing the franchise industry in Egypt and providing new investment opportunities. “We continue to support and sponsor the Biznix exhibition as part of our keenness to encourage the private sector and investment opportunities in the internal trade sector; Especially in light of the high growth rates witnessed by the internal trade during the last period. This comes within the framework of the already existing efforts of the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade to offer real investment opportunities in internal trade activities at the governorate level, within the framework of the President’s directives to raise the efficiency of the internal trade system, as the Ministry has offered over the past five years more than 50 Project in A governorate and region is being implemented on the ground, with investments exceeding 60 billion pounds.

The activities of the first day witnessed five discussion sessions with the participation of a significant number of opinion leaders, CEOs, experts and specialists. In a number of pivotal economic sectors to discuss topics related to the economy, investment and commercial franchise opportunities, the activities included a speech by Dr. Ghada Khalil, Director of the Rowad Project 898 of the Ministry of Planning and Development Economic, to discuss “the sustainability of emerging companies and their role in supporting the economy.” The first session discusses “the effects of currency liberalization and confronting inflation and stagnation,” in the presence of Dr. Sahar Al-Damati, a financial and economic expert. And Muhammad Morsi, the regional director of the “Finance in Motion” institution, and Dr. Ahmed Shawky, the economist and banker, and Hani Aboul Fotouh, the banking expert, and the media session was moderated by Muhammad Naqed. As for the second session, it deals with “Safe Investment in Commercial Franchise”, and the third session is entitled “The Effects of Commercial Real Estate Expansion in New Cities and Its Relationship to Brand Expansion”, with the participation of Eng. Khaled Abbas, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Administrative Capital Company, and George Mitri, Chairman and CEO of the Company. Council Masters, Maha Abdel Razek, Acting Managing Director of Misr Real Estate Asset Management Company, Mohamed Ihab Alawi, CEO of Housing and Development Properties, Dr. Mohamed Wafi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Global Retail Gate, and Tamer Gouda, CEO of Global Retail Gate. The fourth session is entitled “Investment in Companies.” Emerging startups and the role of business incubators in the development and growth of this sector”, with the participation of Eng. Hoda Dahrouj, Minister’s Advisor for Digital Community Development at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and Dr. Nizar Sami, founder of the Nile Pioneers Initiative and member of the Board of Directors of the International Association for Management Technology (IAMOT), and Ahmed Gomaa, President The Board of Directors and CEO of Egypt Ventures, Dr. Mohamed Dr. Al-Oqabi, Media Advisor to the Minister of Planning, Mohamed Hossam Khader, a consultant specializing in management, entrepreneurship, and investment, and author of the book “The Entrepreneur Inside Out,” and Dr. Jane Hanna, Director of Business Incubation Development at AAST. As for the fifth session, it comes under the title “Strategies for Industrial Development and Brand Trends in Competing with Global Brands”, in addition to a speech by Hani Aman, CEO and Managing Director of the Eastern Company, in which he talks about “Strategies for industrial development and ways to compete with international brands.”

The second day will witness six sessions, where the first session comes under the title of the effective investment direction to keep pace with the future ( Saving or investment), and the second session sheds light on the future of the Egyptian market in exporting local brands, while the third session is titled the development and governance of family businesses and their strength in the market, and the fourth session discusses the importance of digital transformation and its impact on investment in restaurants and cafes, and the fifth discusses the law Franchise for trademarks, and the sixth session comes under the title of the possibility of implementing sustainable development for trademarks (Green Initiative).41357703
The third day witnesses a busy agenda of topics, through five sessions, where the session comes The first session is titled “The Importance of Marketing in Raising the Brand’s Value and Increases Its Sales.” The second session highlights the impact of the power of brands in attracting tourism investment, while the third session discusses women in the business world and investing in the brand. The fourth session is titled “Investment in Sports Brands.” Finally, the fifth session will witness a discussion on financing and the importance of financial technology and the payment system in increasing sales and expanding brands.41357703
It is worth noting that Biznix exhibition is the first and largest exhibition and conference for investment and commercial agencies, and it is the perfect destination to explore investment and commercial opportunities and start implementing them inside Egypt and all countries of the Middle East, and this year more than 50 Domestic and foreign brand exhibitors, including Geidea, Monginis, Dice, Cottonil, Carina, OSN, Circle K, Bynas, Luxair and other exhibitors as well as more than Thousands of visitors.41357703
The Businessx exhibition has received a number of sponsors They are led by Telecom Egypt WE with Banque du Caire, Banque Misr, Council Masters Company, Geidea Financial Technology Company, Gebal Real Estate Development Company, EgyptAir, Eastern Company, Ciao City Center, Ba To add to Waffarha.