Hyundai wins Asian Best Selling Brand for 2021

Aya Hussein

The Hyundai cars of GB Ghabbour Auto in Egypt won the annual “Car of the Year 2021 – Egypt” award, which aims to honor car companies And agents of brands in Egypt that achieved

records in sales during the year 2021. The selection of the best cars in the local market comes during 2021, based on official reports issued by the Egyptian Automobile Market Information Council “AMIC” and sponsored by a number of media organizations and institutions.

Hyundai won the award The best-selling Asian brand of the year 2021 and Hyundai Tucson won the Specialized Press Award for the best SUV of the year 21/2021. The honoring award was received by Kawthar Aboul Fotouh,

Hyundai Brand Manager at GB Ghabbour Auto, during the annual ceremony that was held in the presence of the most prominent brands in the automotive sector and a group of media men and the press.

From this standpoint, Kawthar Aboul Fotouh, Hyundai Brand Manager, said: “We are pleased to receive the Asian Best-selling Brand Award for the year 2021, one of the most important car awards in the Egyptian market, which comes as a culmination of the efforts of all employees. In Hyundai

and GB Ghabbour to overcome challenges and achieve sales and market share according to the company’s annual plans.” She added, “We would like to express our sincere thanks to the jury for their appreciation, and we are working to maintain our brand’s leadership in the coming years.” The “AMEC” report recently announced that the Hyundai brand ranked first in passenger car sales last year 2021,

with sales of 21 21 A car with an increase in sales volume 27 in comparison to the year 2020, and a market share of 2021 % of total sales in the Egyptian market.”

She also stressed: “We are always keen to provide the latest Hyundai cars, as we recently launched the Pioneer crossover CUV and the i-car. 10 from the hatchback category, in addition to the interest in developing our services in all fields,

, especially after-sales services, and our team has been able to reach The highest levels of expertise and professional services provided to our customers, and we are committed to continuing to provide the best services to customers and to follow international standards in this field.”

It is worth noting that the services provided by GB Group Auto for its customers is one of the most important factors for Hyundai’s sales leadership, as GB Ghabbour Auto provides the highest level of sales, maintenance and spare parts services, through the largest integrated network of showrooms

, maintenance centers and outlets for sale of spare parts distributed throughout Strategically throughout the Republic, in addition to being the first car company in Egypt to provide a car purchase and reservation service through the website with the aim of facilitating

and facilitating access to all the company’s premium cars and WhatsApp Chatbot, in line with the state’s directions towards Consolidating the concepts of financial inclusion in implementation of Egypt’s vision 2030, and in line with the technological development experienced by the world