A qualitative leap in the concepts of space utilization within modern residential communities

Eman Al-Wasili

*Tameer celebrates the launch of its new residential project “AZ Homes” in the Fifth Settlement at a special price starting at one million nine hundred thousand pounds for the housing unit including finishing and adaptations*

)*Al-Wazzan*: We have a unique vision to build residential complexes that provide all the comfort factors with exceptional design, privacy and vitality

*Younes*: We have implemented the philosophy of optimal use of spaces so that every centimeter inside the unit can be used appropriately

Tameer, one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development*, celebrated the launch of its new residential project “AZ Homes”, which is located on an area of ​​*25 acresin One of the charming sites in the Fifth Settlement area in front of the American University in a new and unique experience, whether in terms of housing or investment in the real estate market, as it presents the new concept of effective spaces inside and outside residential units in an exceptional community that pulsates with life and is characterized by luxury, tranquility and privacy to represent the project as a leap Quality in the concepts of space utilization and life within modern residential communities.

Confirmed by Mr. Saad Al-Wazzan, Chairman of the Board of Directors The management and managing director of Tameer stated that “AZ Homes” is the latest housing project for Tameer, which has great experience and an honorable record of successful projects that left a real imprint on the real estate market. It is the oldest developer of residential communities in Egypt with more than 68 years of experience in building and developing modern residential communities, to provide a unique vision for building distinct and exclusive communities that provide the basics of daily life, as well as providing all Convenience factors represented in exceptional design, privacy and vitality, with our keenness to create strong ties with all customers of different generations and to stay in constant contact with all developments in the real estate market in Egypt.

He said: “The Egyptian real estate market has many Real investment opportunities, especially since Egypt is currently witnessing a real estate boom in light of the state’s construction of unprecedented projects, whether in roads, main axes, and new cities such as the Administrative Capital, New Alamein and the expansion area in the Fifth Settlement. Therefore, the real estate sector is one of the strategic sectors, as it represents a percentage 25 % of the national income, and last year the sector achieved a growth rate of about 8%, in light of the increase in demand over supply, so that real estate remains the safe haven for investment.”

On the other hand, Mr. Mohamed Younes, Head of the Commercial Sector at Tameer Company, explained The “AZ Homes” project is considered one of the exceptional residential communities, as it is located in a privileged location in the Fifth Settlement in the heart of New Cairo, which is one of the important urban centers, adjacent to the American University and at a distance 20 A minute from the New Administrative Capital, and 25 a minute from Cairo Airport. The project is also connected to a number of focal points via the 90th Street, the Suez Desert Road and the New Sokhna Road. AZ Homes is also located within the AZAD Views complex, giving residents the opportunity to benefit not only from the distinctive building experience, but from the integrated residential community that pulsates with life.

He pointed out that “AZ Homes” was designed through The philosophy and concept of the optimal and effective use of spaces, which is an unprecedented philosophy in the Egyptian real estate market, as it is based on the idea of ​​not wasting any space, so that every centimeter inside the unit can be used in an appropriate and optimal manner, while presenting a distinct model for fully finished and furnished apartments, and inside the building A service area designated for all residents with a dining room attached to a fully equipped kitchen to be used by residents in the event of a need to host family gatherings or receive a large number of friends. What is outside, including a common area that resembles a living room (Residents Lounge), as well as shared work spaces, a gym, a rooftop swimming pool and Gym, and places equipped for indoor and outdoor exercise, to represent the project as a real opportunity for researcher

The unique residential project “AZ Homes” includes

housing units of various sizes to meet all needs and suit all aspirations and levels The spaces of the residential units start from 1954 square meters (studio) to 1954 square meters (three bedrooms). The project will be completed and units delivered in 2025. We have also been keen to provide various systems and facilities for payment. Where it is possible to purchase a distinct housing unit for one million nine hundred thousand pounds, including finishes and air conditioning, with a down payment of 10 % as a down payment, and a payment plan of up to 8 years, to suit and suit various possibilities.

It is worth noting that the Construction and Engineering Consultancy Company “Tameer” is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development. It has been operating in the Egyptian market since 1954 and since that date the company has implemented and delivered a number of units exceeding 25, Residential and commercial unit. Tameer has planned and implemented dozens of projects that represent Land Marks in Egypt.

The list of projects includes many examples, including the new city of Maadi, the Maamoura neighborhood in Alexandria, and Maryland housing; the sun club; The Sheraton Residences in Heliopolis, the Embassies Neighborhood in Nasr City, the Social Building of Al Ahly Club in the Gezira, the Meridien Hotel in Garden City, the Palestine Hotel in Alexandria, the Oberoi Hotel in Aswan, the Ministry of Industry Building in Garden City, the State Council Building in Giza, the University of Heloun and other dozens of buildings and urban projects that are considered Iconic projects in Egypt.

The company’s latest projects include its Azad residential project in the Fifth Settlement adjacent to the American University, which was completed and delivered last year, and the Urban Business Lane “UBL” project, Azad Views, And the Business Lounge project for offices and commercial units, and Diyar 2 project behind Mall of Arabia in 6th of October.