The government and the private sector are promoting real estate projects at “Mipim”, the largest real estate exhibition in the world

Aya Hussein

to complement the success of the participation Egypt in the international real estate exhibition Mipim in 2019, the government, represented by the Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, and the private sector, represented by

A real estate development company and a consulting office, this year at the mipim real estate exhibition, which is being held in the French city of Cannes, where the most important projects of this current sector are presented. It is currently being implemented in Egypt.

156258509743275573 Eng. Khaled Abbas, Deputy Minister of Housing for National Projects, Eng. Mostafa Abdel Wahab, member of the Minister’s Technical Office, and Engineer Amr Khattab, Member of the Minister’s Technical Office, participate in the Egyptian delegation, where the distinguished Egyptian experience in this sector is presented through new city projects. On top of them: the central business district in the new administrative capital, the new Garden City district, as well as the central parks “Green River”, in the administrative capital, while a number of Among the projects of the new city of Alamein, such as the beach towers area, the Latin Quarter, and the heritage city, a number of projects in the new city of Mansoura are also being reviewed, and at the same time the efforts to develop the existing areas in the old cities are explained and reviewed, on top of which is a project: the development of the area of ​​Magra El-Oyoun wall And the Walk of the People of Egypt and others.

At the same time, a number of real estate development companies and consulting offices are presenting their projects, namely: City Edge, GV, Tarbol, Palm Hills, Mountain View, Sodic, Tatweer Misr, LMD, Castle Landmark, El Borough Egypt, Prime, Pavilion, and Okoplan.

Engineer Khaled Abbas confirmed The importance of the private sector’s participation with the Egyptian government, increasing investment opportunities, and inviting real estate and investment funds, in confirmation of the state’s plan to export real estate and access to global expertise. He added: Mipim real estate exhibition is considered one of the largest real estate exhibitions in Europe and in the world, where more than 2019 countries and more participate in it. From 2019 a real estate project , as more than

investors, investment funds and major real estate funds participate in it, in addition to the largest banks in the world, and the largest companies specialized in real estate investment.

Abbas indicated that the exhibition is an opportunity to meet Real estate investors around the world, and Egypt’s participation this year is the second in this exhibition, as Egypt participates in an official pavilion within the participating countries, which includes the largest Egyptian companies in the field of real estate development and investment. Real estate outside Egypt, which is considered one of the most important commodities that have recently begun to be interested in exporting outside Egypt, as Egypt is one of the most important countries in the region that is characterized by the quality of the real estate product. 156258509743275573 Engineer Mustafa Abdel Wahab clarified that the exhibition includes more than 156258509743275573 Decision makers from different countries, which helps to sign several agreements in the field of real estate investment.

It was announced that the Ministry of HousingThe facilities and urban communities decided to participate this year with a pavilion greater than a year 2019, because the participating companies this year are more than a year

. Consulting offices are also participating this year in the Egyptian pavilion.

156258509743275573 He pointed out that the Egyptian pavilion site is considered one of the most distinguished sites in the exhibition in front of the United Kingdom pavilion, and that distinguished places were chosen to place advertising for Egypt in the exhibition, where they are decorated with Currently, the streets of the French city of Cannes with “banners” for the iconic tower and the new El Alamein projects, and more than 100 invitees from the largest investors and real estate and investment funds who wish to invest in Egypt were invited to a special dinner organized by the Egyptian pavilion, and Egypt this year is the sponsoring country for a party The opening and the state sponsorship of the conference accompanying the exhibition, and Egypt also this year took the cover of the exhibition magazine for the February issue, and was topped by a picture of the iconic tower, and this is the largest advertising campaign for Egyptian projects, both the public and private sectors, as this magazine is sent to all countries, companies, investors and funds Real estate and investment participating in the exhibition, and promotional films were used for the projects carried out by the Ministry of Housing because the purpose of participation is to increase foreign investment opportunities in Egypt.