Madbouly issues decisions granting incentives for investment activities related to

Aya Hussain

Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly issued a number of decisions that include providing incentives for investment activities related to the green economy, artificial intelligence, innovation support, scientific research projects and industrial localization, as well as facilitating the business environment in Egypt by simplifying procedures and setting a time frame. Specific for the performance of services for investors, which was approved by the Council of Ministers in its meeting on March 10.

The decisions issued stipulated the distribution of sub-sectors for investment activities in the sectors of electricity, renewable energy, education, and sports, within the geographical scope of incentives (a), (b), where the electricity and energy sector includes projects for the production, storage and export of green hydrogen, as well as production projects And the storage and export of green ammonia, while the education sector includes the establishment, management or operation of schools, as well as the establishment, management or operation of schools and institutes of technical education, in addition to the establishment of universities.

The sports sector also includes all services provided by During the sports field, whether it is in the form of management, marketing, operation, managing sports, establishing private clubs, academies, health clubs, or fitness centers, and companies established to engage in these types of activities must take the form of joint stock companies.

The sub-sector projects related to investment activities in the sectors of electricity, renewable energy, education, and sports within the geographical scope of Sector (B) are required to be labor-intensive in accordance with the regulations stipulated in the Executive Regulations of the Investment Law, or fall within the medium and small projects, or These projects depend on new and renewable energy, or export their production outside the geographical region of the Arab Republic of Egypt, in accordance with the controls contained in the Investment Law and its Executive Regulations.

The companies and establishments addressed by the provisions of this decision are obligated to obtain approvals, permits and licenses from the competent authorities, according to the nature of each activity to grant incentives.

The decision added the item “Manufacture of safe, environmentally friendly alternatives for single-use plastic products” to the tables for defining sub-sectors of investment activities within the geographical scope of sectors (A) and (B), within the sub-sector called “wood industries, furniture, printing, packaging and chemical industries.” “

The General Authority for Investment and Free Zones, in accordance with the decisions issued by the Prime Minister, coordinates with all ministries and agencies concerned with the sub-sectors of investment activities within the geographical scope of each of sectors (A) and (B), in order to identify the proposed investment projects to be granted incentives. The additional additional appropriate to the nature of each project, provided that these ministries and agencies provide the Authority with their nominations for the proposed projects to be granted such incentives, while specifying the appropriate incentives for the nature of each investment project, and identifying priority projects from them in accordance with the state’s economic development plan.

The decision obligated the priority investment projects proposed to enjoy additional incentives, to be within the areas that contribute to achieving the state’s economic development plan, including green economy projects that take into account the environmental dimension in a way that achieves the sustainability of natural resources, projects for the transfer of advanced technology and the use of Artificial intelligence in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as well as projects to support innovation, development and scientific research projects.

The projects also include training Egyptian labor, creating specialized cadres in advanced, emerging and green industries, projects to localize and deepen the industry and increase the local component in it, and projects that are consistent with the national program for structural reforms of the Egyptian economy.

In the context of simplifying the procedures and setting a specific time frame for the performance of services for investors, the decision issued by the Prime Minister obligated all the competent authorities to receive requests from investors

to issue the approvals, permits or licenses necessary for the establishment and operation of investment projects New or expansion of existing investment projects, by deciding on such applications within 20 working days from the date of submitting the application in full with all its documents. to her.

The General Investment Authority, within the framework of the role entrusted with it, is responsible for following up on the requests of investors that have not been decided upon within the period specified in

working days, in coordination with the concerned authorities to speed up their decision.

The authority is also responsible for presenting a periodic report on a monthly basis to the Council of Ministers, which includes the executive position of investors’ requests and the proposed procedures to facilitate for investors and achieve a speedy decision on the services provided to them.


The Prime Minister reviews the efforts of the Ministry of Education to support the educational process in Sinai

Madbouly: Our goal is to advance Sinai in various fields with an integrated plan that includes educational, health and social aspects

Development does not only aim at building stone.. It seeks to build the Egyptian citizen in various fields

Minister of Education: Operating the Japanese school in Al-Arish.. We have 8 official language schools in North Sinai this year

A research competition is underway for our middle and high school students on “The State’s Efforts in Sinai”

Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, reviewed a report presented by Dr. Tarek Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, regarding the ministry’s efforts to support the educational process in Sinai, in light of the completion of major development projects implemented by the state.


The Prime Minister affirmed that the state is working to advance the Sinai Peninsula in various fields and sectors, through an integrated plan that includes educational, health and social aspects for the dear people of Sinai, within the framework of the huge national projects implemented by the state in various regions of the Republic, stressing that development It does not only aim at building stone, but also seeks to build the Egyptian citizen in various fields.

For his part, Dr. Tarek Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, highlighted the most important efforts made by the ministry in supporting the educational process for the people of Sinai in the various educational stages, as well as introducing our children from the Egyptian communities abroad to the state’s efforts to develop the peninsula. Sinai, represented by the development and service projects implemented by the state in Sinai, through participation in cultural and scientific competitions at the level of all educational departments in the governorates of the Republic.

The Minister of Education and Technical Education said: These efforts come within the framework of the ministry’s endeavor to develop the educational process and ensure the elements of availability and quality for all students in a fair manner, and in light of the directives of the political leadership towards giving more efforts and attention to service projects for the citizens of the Sinai Peninsula, and to overcome All the obstacles facing our students in Sinai, reviewing in this context the most prominent efforts undertaken by the concerned authorities in the Ministry in this regard, including the construction and maintenance of school buildings, where a new school was established, and maintenance was carried out 12 A fully school.

In addition, the Ministry is expanding the new types of education in Sinai; The construction and operation of the Egyptian-Japanese School in the city of Arish has been completed, in addition to the expansion of official language schools; The number of schools of this type in North Sinai governorate in the current academic year has reached 8, and a new school building is being opened for this type, at the rate of one school each year.

The Ministry’s efforts in this regard also include implementing the new educational system in schools in various educational departments, starting from kindergarten to the fourth grade of primary school, and the number of teachers targeted for training reached 1462 teachers, and all requirements have been introduced. The modern technological system for most schools in Sinai, and the Directorate of Education has succeeded during the past periods in holding a Public certification bars to the fullest, through concerted efforts and with the support of the concerned authorities of the Ministry, without any hindrances; Whether in preparatory, secondary, or technical diploma exams.

Dr. Tarek Shawky added that the ministry’s efforts also included the establishment of a service complex for exams in Arish to include all question centers for all stages, types and controls, as well as the establishment of a branch of the Professional Academy for Teachers to serve all North Sinai teachers; In order to reduce the burden that teachers of the governorate were incurred in going to the nearest branch of the academy, work was also done to solve the problem of breaks in central Sinai, which was facing teachers in central Sinai and having to reside in other cities.

In addition, the Minister indicated the success of a number of schools in Sinai in obtaining quality accreditation certificates, and the focus is on activating educational activities by our students in Sinai, in addition to efforts to support schools affiliated to a number of educational administrations that have been damaged and destroyed. During the past periods.

Dr. Tariq Shawky also mentioned that the state’s efforts to continue supporting the educational process in Sinai resulted in the success of a large number of its students in obtaining a total of more than 90% in the general secondary certificate in a number of educational departments. In addition to offering a scholarship to successful high school students in North Sinai, represented in the decision of the Council of Ministers to grant them a 2% discount on the total admission to colleges and institutes; In view of the events that the governorate is going through, as well as to encourage them, the Al-Arish University Council decided to exempt students from the departments of Rafah and Sheikh Zuweid from school fees, as well as exempting them from accommodation expenses in the university dormitory.

Concerning the efforts to familiarize the members of the Egyptian communities with the development projects implemented by the state in the Sinai Peninsula, the Minister indicated that this is done through coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and educational departments to provide the opportunity for our students abroad to participate in the various scientific and cultural competitions organized by the Ministry in all Administrations at the level of the Republic, explaining that a research competition is underway for middle school students under the title “The State’s Efforts in Sinai,” and another competition is underway for secondary school students under the title “The Most Important Achievements in Sinai.”

The “Collective Guidance and Educational Guidance” program is also being implemented at the level of the Republic for students of the three educational stages, which deals with topics of modern technology and its impact on intellectual and value conflict, citizenship rights, acceptance of the other, and equality in rights and responsibilities, pointing out that this program aims To reject extremist ideology, confront wrong behavior, unify religious concepts, respect sacred places and places of worship, in addition to the program of social care convoys using communication and dialogue mechanisms, and organizing awareness and development meetings for social workers and mentors on the topics of positive discipline, children’s rights, expression of feelings, and respect for religions

The Minister of Education and Technical Education also talked about the ambitious plan for the professional development of teachers to develop the education system in the governorates of North and South Sinai, which includes a number of programs, including the program for promoting teachers’ jobs within the career ladder, and one of its strategic objectives is to promote to the Teachers’ jobs are available to everyone who has met the minimum intervening period required for promotion, where training is provided to identify students’ educational needs, design appropriate educational activities, train in problem-solving, critical and creative thinking, and manage time allocated to teaching efficiently, as well as mastery of research methods in The scientific material and the ability to produce knowledge, and there is also a professional development program necessary to grant a certificate of validity, and other targeted programs.