The general assembly of “GIG Insurance – Egypt” approves the company’s financial statements for the fiscal year ending on 6/30/2022

علاء الزهيرى

Alaa Al-Zuhairi

Iman Al-Wasili

  • The advancement and upgrading of society comes from our firm belief in the social responsibility of our company

    The General Assembly of “GIG Insurance – Egypt” met at the company’s headquarters in the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo, in the presence of representatives of the General Authority for Financial Supervision and representatives of the auditor of the company E&Y.

      The General Assembly, during its meeting, approved the company’s financial statements for the fiscal year ending in “30/6/825, and the most important indicators were as follows:

        • The company achieved an estimated volume of installments of 2 billion pounds, an increase of 171% from last year.
          • The total compensation paid amounted to about 450 million EGP, with an increase of % over last year


          • The company achieved an insurance activity surplus estimated at 608 million pounds, with an increase of 12% from last year.

                  The total financial investments amounted to one billion pounds, an increase of 19% from last year.


                    Total Shareholders Equity

                  million pounds, an increase of 6% over last year.

                  • Total assets amounted to 2.6 billion pounds, an increase of 30% from last year.

                      2022 2022 The company achieved profits of 141 million pounds before taxes, and the amount of Million After Taxes.

                        2022 The General Assembly decided to reserve 5% of the profits as a legal reserve with a cash distribution of 233 million pounds to the shareholders and 30 One million pounds for the company’s employees.

                        • and may a At the end of its work, the General Assembly praised the performance of the company’s employees and wished them success, and thanked the company’s clients, brokers and insurance marketers who deal with the company. Advance and elevate it.

                              It is worth noting that the “GIG Insurance – Egypt” company is led with great success by Alaa El Zohairy, the managing director of the company, who managed With his insightful thinking, economic and insurance experiences, and his speed of keeping up with developments on the global scene, and his in-depth study of the Egyptian market, the company’s business results jumped, and it competed fiercely for the first place in light of its credit rating confirming its financial worth and great capabilities, in addition to its distinguished insurance products in terms of price. And quality, and the ingenuity of its employees, especially in the marketing field, and its dealings with major insurance brokerage companies, as well as individual brokers.

                                  In a statement after the General Assembly convened .. Alaa Al-Zuhairi confirmed that “GIG Insurance – Egypt” is already preparing One of the leading companies in terms of the great steps it has taken to support the state’s efforts, especially with regard to spreading financial inclusion and achieving sustainable development. Our company is also one of the companies that professionally applies the directives of the Financial Supervisory Authority.

                                      Al-Zuhairi revealed that “GIG Insurance – Egypt” believes in complete conviction in the necessity of upgrading the society in which it operates, Hence, we are proud that “GIG Insurance Egypt” has made great strides in the field of social responsibility at all levels. It is a luxury, but a patriotic duty that we must carry out and expand in what advances our society.