With the participation of 11 countries.. The Egyptian Post hosts the meetings of the Euro-Mediterranean Postal Union

Eman Al-Wasli Luxor 6 December 2022:

The Egyptian Post is hosting the meetings of the Board of Directors of the Euro-Mediterranean Postal Union and the fifteenth General Assembly of the Union, in Luxor, with the participation of 11 member states of the Euro-Mediterranean Postal Union. The Euro-Mediterranean Union, namely: Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Monaco, Palestine, Slovenia, Spain, Jordan, Libya, Syria and Turkey, as well as international postal dignitaries led by Masahiko Mitoki, Director General of the International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union.

For his part, Dr. Sherif Farouk, Chairman of the Egyptian Post Board of Directors, said: “These meetings are of great importance, as they deal with many important pivotal issues related to the future of postal work. the challenges it faces around the world; Where the meetings discuss a number of issues and topics of common interest in the Mediterranean region, as well as discuss aspects of joint cooperation between Arab and European postal administrations in a way that meets the hopes and aspirations of customers, and exchange experiences and knowledge between the countries of the north and south of the Mediterranean.

Dr. Sherif Farouk explained that these meetings represent an appropriate opportunity to discuss Issues related to the Egyptian Post with the various member countries of the Union and provide an opportunity to enhance cooperation and exchange of experiences between all participating postal administrations in the fields of providing postal services through the establishment of a mechanism of solidarity action among the member states, indicating that Egypt’s hosting of these meetings comes as an affirmation of the pioneering role of the Egyptian Post on The regional and global arena.


Dr. Sherif Farouk added that the fifteenth session of the General Assembly of the Euro-Mediterranean Postal Union witnessed the holding of elections for members of the Euro-Mediterranean Postal Union The administration has been won by Egypt, Italy, Albania, France, Turkey, Morocco, Spain, Jordan, Algeria and Lebanon. The chairman of the board of directors of the new federation will be elected during the next session “2022-2023” in the evening session. The future work plan and amendments were also discussed. The agreement on the Euro-Mediterranean Union to include the status of a privileged observer and amend the rules of procedure and the rules of the work teams.

On the sidelines of the meetings of the General Assembly of the Euro-Mediterranean Postal Union, Dr. Sherif Fa The Chairman of the Egyptian Post Board of Directors, Masahiko Mitoki, Director General of the International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union, and they discussed during the meeting the most important issues that concern the international postal sector and the role of postal institutions in achieving financial inclusion and developing the volume of electronic commerce and the role of the postal network in supporting the policies of national countries in achieving economic development and societal, especially in developing countries, as well as postal trends in adopting sustainable policies globally.

Mr. Mitoki praised the development achieved by the Egyptian Post on all levels, such as the quality of Service, spread and digital transformation with his commitment to his role in providing a comprehensive postal service, pointing out that the Egyptian Post is an example for many countries to follow.