A new automated complex for the Enterprise Development Agency in the New Valley Governorate to support and finance small projects in the governorate

نيقين جامع

Fathi Al-Sayeh and Issam Abu Sedira 3977446

2021 Ms. Nevin Gamea received the CEO of the Projects Development Major General Dr. Muhammad Al-Zamlot, Governor of the New Valley, where they discussed aspects of current and future cooperation to expand support for the small and micro projects sector in the governorate. 2021

And Gamea indicated that the New Valley is one of the most important governorates in which the agency is working to expand and work to benefit a wide segment of citizens from the services it provides to start new projects or expand their existing projects, especially in the sector Agricultural and animal production, she added, that women receive great attention, as the agency focuses on developing the skills of women and qualifying them to work in various productive projects, as well as manual and heritage projects, as the New Valley is considered one of the For the governorates benefiting from the agreement to contribute to the creation of job opportunities for women in Upper Egypt by improving their capabilities and developing productive communities funded by the Spanish agency, during which dozens of women were trained to manufacture various products from palm fronds and leaves, and a number of them participated in the exhibition of our handicrafts and heritage in its last session . She added that the agency has pumped, during 8 years, financing amounting to 711. 4 million pounds, from which more than 9,000 small projects benefited. The micro and micro scale provided about thousand job opportunities. Gamea emphasized that the agency works in coordination with the governorate to facilitate the procedures for setting up projects through the one-stop shop unit of the agency in the governorate. /711 and encourage them to benefit from it. Maj. Gen. Dr. Muhammad Al-Zamlot stated that during the meeting, the executive position for establishing a branch of the Development Authority was discussed. The new projects at the headquarters of the mechanized government interests complex, which is being established as the first mechanized complex of its kind at the level of the governorates of the Republic, and ways to accelerate the implementation rates in preparation for the opening scheduled for the beginning of next year 2023, in accordance with the government’s directives to work on mechanizing the various services that are provided to citizens to expedite the procedures for establishing and developing projects and work To regularize the conditions of informal projects and help them to join the formal sector, which increases their contribution to meeting the needs of local markets and supporting the national economy.2021