The “International Businessmen” meets the Ambassador of Senegal and heads of companies participating in “Food America” to direct investments to Africa

Fathi Al-Sabeh

The International Federation of Arab and African Businessmen and Investors Abroad met Dr. Aboubakr Sarr, Ambassador of Senegal in Cairo, on the sidelines of Food America Exhibition

The members of the federation also met with a number of heads of companies participating in the Food America exhibition and discussed ways to enhance Arab-African investments in the brown continent

Dr. Alaa Al-Essawy confirmed that the meeting of the members of A with the heads of the companies participating in the Food America exhibition, in addition to the meeting with the Senegalese ambassador in Cairo, aimed at directing the investment compass to Africa and localizing the food industries needed by the African market.

Dr. Alaa Al-Essawy, Executive Director of the Union, Major General Muhammad Shaaban, Security Adviser to the Union, and Diaa Najdi, the External Adviser for West Africa to the Union, participated in the meeting.