16 plastic artists in “Ha-Exhibition” signed by “Art de Egypt”

Nadine Abdel Ghaffar, President of the Art de Egypt Foundation, which specializes in organizing art and cultural exhibitions, inaugurated its second women’s exhibition in Cairo, in the presence of the Belgian Ambassador, François Cornet Delzioso.

This is after it held another women’s exhibition entitled “Feminine” last year, to celebrate contemporary Egyptian female artists and emphasize their prominent role and support for the role and contributions of Egyptian women at various levels.
The exhibition that was opened last night continues until

this March under the title “Ha-Exhibition.”

The exhibition, which coincides with the celebration of Women’s Month in Egypt and International Women’s Day, aims to highlight the role of The Egyptian woman on the artistic and creative level and shedding light on her ability to express herself and prove her leadership amid various challenges.
Nadine said that this The exhibition is an opportunity for Egyptian women artists to showcase their latest work and creative ideas and to emphasize that the strength and creativity of Egyptian women artists will always help them in the struggle for freedom of expression, and we work through our belief that Art can be a tool for bringing about societal change.
“The power of creativity has proven its importance and influence over different ages, and it participates In the exhibition, a number of artists are: Alia Al-Jaridi, Shaima Darwish, Brit Boutros Ghali, Iman Hussein, Fatima Abu Duma, Hana Afifi, Lina Osama, Marwa Adel, Monel Jano, Nelly Al-Sharqawi, Nevin Hamza, Noha Naji, Noura Baraka, Reem Osama, Rawan. Al-Deeb, and Wiam Al-Masry”. The creator and the source of life, and the works present different images of communicating with the soul in its purest state of existence. Participating with a large elite of distinguished Egyptian artists, she said, “I am more than happy to participate in a feminist exhibition that sheds light on the creative aspects of the life of Egyptian women.”
The artist, Nora Baraka, said that she , through her participation in the exhibition, presents part of a group of paintings entitled “Extraordinary Dreams”, and that she did not carry all this stock of pictures and stories that suddenly appeared. “I demanded to leave as if I were only a safe passage for her presence.”
The artist Lina Osama also expressed her happiness to participate in the exhibition and said: “The artists Participation is one of the strongest in the Egyptian plastic art scene, diversity and dialogue between different styles presents a distinguished exhibition. The group of paintings that I participate in in the exhibition expresses the woman and the historical view of her as the axis of the legend.”
The organization of this exhibition comes as part of Initiatives The various events led by “Art de Egypt” to develop the global aspect of contemporary and modern Egyptian arts, promote the rich Egyptian heritage and culture, make culture and art available to all, and raise awareness of cultural values.
The exhibition is sponsored by Ismailia Real Estate Investment, DHL, and Orange, while Mo4 participates as a media partner.