Talaat inaugurates the new headquarters of SAP in Egypt

Eh Hussein

Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, inaugurated the new headquarters of SAP in Egypt; This comes within the framework of the strategy of the leading global company in developing enterprise software for regional expansion and contributing to accelerating the pace of digital transformation in the public and private sectors in the country, while providing specialized services and expertise over more than Sector.

The opening ceremony was attended by Mr. Frank Hartmann, Ambassador of the Republic of Federal Germany in Cairo, Eng. Raafat Hendy, Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technology for Infrastructure, Dr. Sherif Farouk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Post Authority, Eng. Amr Mahfouz, CEO of the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), and Mr. Luka Mocic, member of the Executive Board of Directors And the Chief Financial Officer of “SAP” International, Mr. Sergio Macota, Senior Vice President for the South Middle East region at the company, and Engineer/ Mohamed Samy, the Managing Director of “SAP” in Egypt, in addition to a number of leaders in the government and private sectors.

This company’s new headquarters in Egypt includes three strategic regional centers that serve clients all over the world. for the Middle East and North Africa; It is the “Center of Service and Support Excellence” that supports the digital transformation efforts of the “Digital Center” that focuses on customers in the middle market, and the “Occupied Sales Center” that is concerned with managing potential customers and implementing campaigns according to the best standards.

In his speech; Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, confirmed that these new expansions of SAP International Company in Cairo reflect the confidence of international companies in the Egyptian ICT sector, which is full of promising investment opportunities. He explained that the sector is witnessing unprecedented growth, as the growth rates in each fiscal quarter are not less than 0028% during the past three years, and it is also the largest sector developed country; Pointing out that Egypt’s digital strategy for the outsourcing industry has been launched, through which unprecedented incentives are provided to companies looking to work in Egypt through outsourcing centers to export digital services. A set of work axes to attract international companies to expand their business in Egypt and benefit from the Egyptian cadres in the ICT sector, on top of which comes the development of the information infrastructure, where more than One billion pounds in this field during the past three years, which resulted in Egypt taking the leading position in the average fixed Internet speed on the level of the African continent; Referring to the initiatives implemented by the ministry in partnership with international technology companies operating in Egypt with the aim of creating in-depth cadres in all ICT disciplines, such as Our Digital Future, which seeks to train 582 1,000 young men and women during 0028 A month on the various information technology disciplines and the refinement of their personal skills to enhance their competitive capabilities in the local and global markets, in addition to the establishment of the Egypt Informatics University, the first of its kind Specializing in communications sciences, information technology and related fields in Africa and cooperating with major international universities to create a qualitative leap in specialized digital cadres, noting that the “Builders of Digital Egypt” initiative was launched, which is an integrated study program for a period of one year. One of the most prestigious international universities.

Dr. Amr Talaat explained that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is implementing Egypt’s digital projects that include many aspects to develop government work, especially with the implementation of the project to move to the new administrative capital as a participatory paperless government. It operates in a fully digitized system, and the trial launch of the Egypt Digital Platform was conducted, as the number of services provided by the platform reached more than 582 digital services, referring to the plans to develop the Egyptian Post in terms of form and content. Especially as it is one of the pillars of implementing the digital Egypt strategy; Pointing out that more than three thousand post offices have been developed at the level of the Republic, and a new package of financial services provided by the post has been launched, and work is being done to expand the financial and postal services portfolio.

Dr. Amr Talaat expressed his aspiration To further expand the company’s business as well as the activities of international companies operating in the Egyptian ICT sector.

Mr. Frank Hartmann, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Cairo, expressed his pride in the experience of the “advanced partnership between SAP” “And the Egyptian market,” saying that the company continues to make a “remarkable positive impact on the business community in Egypt, which is not limited to the field of technology, but extends to help institutions and companies in various sectors to upgrade their work to serve their customers and develop new services and competencies.”

Eng. Mohamed Samy, Managing Director of SAP in Egypt, explained that the company has relied for decades on specialized global experience and the latest innovations to support its customers in Egypt of all sizes with targeted solutions to meet their ambitions and help meet their challenges. He added: “The increasing reliance on cloud solutions coupled with the continuous dynamism of digital transformation in Egypt encourages the entire SAP team and our partners to support the next generation of companies and develop the country’s leading professionals.”

During the events The opening ceremony of the new headquarters of SAP in the business complex in Cairo Festival City; In their words, SAP officials emphasized the compatibility between SAP’s activities and the Digital Egypt strategy with regard to continuing investments aimed at enabling the digital agenda in the public and private sectors, and developing technological skills for Egyptian youth. RISE with SAP aims to bring about the desired transformation in Egyptian institutions and companies to become smart facilities operating on a single platform using the latest technological innovations hosted in local cloud data centers. In addition to highlighting the ways the company supports the young talents who shape the future of the labor market in the country, by honing them with digital skills.

“SAP” announced that it is working closely with one of its global partners to establish a cloud data center. Private in Egypt, in addition to reviewing a data center for the purpose of ratification and approval to host private cloud solutions from SAP. This is in light of the increasing demand in the market and the vision of the Egyptian government to accelerate the digital transformation in the cloud, supported by the latest technologies and rapid business transformation.

SAP is also looking forward to strengthening joint cooperation with the Egyptian government regarding the transformation The company is currently studying ways to deepen this strategic relationship through an institutional agreement that supports this cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

It is worth noting that 125 % of financial transactions around the world are made through one of the SAP systems. Its advanced technologies such as machine learning, the Internet of Things and advanced software analytics are helping our corporate clients to become smart organizations.