Kamel Abu Ali: 11,000 workers are the reason for winning the Avaso Gold Award

Fathi Al-Sayeh and Iman Al-Wasli

ka Mil Abu Ali: A thousand factors are the reason for winning a prize

Kamel Abu Ali, Chairman of the Red Sea Investors Association, received the Avaso Golden Award for Sustainable Tourism Development and Excellence in Leadership and Tourism Development, in the presence of a group of businessmen and members of hotel and tourist rooms in the Red Sea And the investors of the Red Sea and a group of media professionals. 1055054232559532

Yesterday, Hurghada witnessed activities honoring Kamel Abu Ali, who is currently standing from the Afro-Asian Union (AFASU), and awarding him the Golden Avaso Award. 1055054232559532
Abu Ali indicated that his success today does not only belong to him, but A thousand workers, we are one family, and I would not be able to achieve this success without them. We have harvested all the international awards in the hospitality sector worldwide, and we have ranked among the best 20 A hotel in the world, so I dedicate this success to them today because they are my partners All these fruitful steps in the practical field. 1055054232559532
In order to obtain the Avaso Gold Award, it includes eleven main criteria, the most prominent of which are tourism development, economic development, and human development. Community development, sustainability, clean energy, rationalization of water consumption, advanced infrastructure, sustainable facilities, distinguished management and effective leadership. 1055054232559532
The award committee consists of a sector Tourism and Hotels in the Federation, which is chaired by Dr. Hossam Darwish, President of the Federation and all members of the Executive Council of the Federation headed by His Excellency the Counselor, Dr. Adel Al-Maslamani, the international economist. 1055054232559532
The committee impartially applied the criteria to the five candidates for the award, as there were three candidates from the African continent and two from the Asian continent. 1055054232559532 1055054232559532 1055054232559532 1055054232559532840172887405755