The General Division for Medical Supplies at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce will meet next Monday

wrote: Fathi Al-Sayeh

Muhammad Ismail Abdo:

We appreciate the efforts of the government and the Central Bank to move the economy and solve the problems of the Egyptian industry 2022
The decision to re-deal with collection documents and cancel the obligation to open documentary credits restores stability to the market


The General Division of Medical Supplies is held at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce A meeting next Monday to discuss five files that affect the performance of the medical supplies sector in Egypt, in addition to the Egyptian government’s efforts to move the national economy, solve the problems of the Egyptian industry, and overcome the effects of the economic crisis that the world is currently going through as a result of the war in Europe and the continued disruption of the movement of global supply chains that affected most Basic and vital commodities are for the health care sector. Medical commitments appreciate the efforts of the Egyptian government and the Central Bank to solve the problems of the Egyptian industry, which were revealed by Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, in his press conference last Wednesday, which included a package of measures to mitigate the effects of the economic crisis, in particular the decision of the Central Bank to re-deal with collection documents in financing the movement of Egyptian imports, while canceling Requiring importers to open letters of credit, and the government adopting a plan to provide the full needs of the local market in foreign exchange.

The head of the division added The General Authority for Medical Supplies stated that this important development will be at the top of the agenda of the meeting of the division, as it restores stability to the dealings of medical supplies companies and merchants and restores the advantages and facilities we used to get from companies exporting to Egypt, a development that will also have positive effects on the stability of dealings in the Egyptian market and in all commercial sectors. and productivity.

Regarding the other files that will be discussed in the meeting, Muhammad Ismail Abdo explained that it also includes the Division’s efforts to raise awareness of the honor document. The profession that most workers in the supplies sector adhere to Medical in the framework of their keenness to build bridges of trust with the Egyptian consumer, especially that the crises and the waves of price hikes open the door to rumors and some irresponsible practices, which shakes the well-established relationship between the commercial community and the masses of citizens.

He pointed out that the meeting will discuss the formation of a committee for communication between the General Division and the Unified Procurement Authority, which is a key partner for the Division in upgrading the sector and solving problems facing its companies, especially in performing its mission in providing All the needs of the health care sector, and therefore we need to strengthen the channels of communication with the Authority, which helped us solve many of the problems of the sector, and a committee was formed to settle disputes between the members of the division and it is expected that it will submit a report on its success in resolving a dispute between two companies from the members of the division, who will sign an agreement To reconcile them during the meeting.

He explained that the meeting will also discuss the file of launching the Egyptian Charitable Association with Mrs. Zeinab, who adopts the General Division. Its establishment within the framework of social responsibility for merchants and companies in the medical supplies sector, and finally developments in the medical supplies market and the following The General Division suffered from problems among the members. 2022