Reda Abdel Qader: – The Ministry of Finance and the Authority are keen on integrating the informal economy into the formal economy, which would contribute to a more accurate inventory of the tax community, and lay the foundations for tax justice.

Reda Abdel Qader, Head of the Egyptian Tax Authority

Motab: Fathy Al-Sayeh

“Reda Abdel Qader, Head of the Egyptian Tax Authority,” stressed the keenness of the Ministry of Finance and the Authority to integrate the informal economy into the formal economy, and to limit all transactions Which is done through electronic platforms, and determine who is doing it in a way that contributes to a more accurate inventory of the tax community, establishing the foundations of tax justice, and seizing the rights of the state’s public treasury. The “President of the Egyptian Tax Authority” called on the self-employed who practice their activities through digital platforms (Facebook / Tik Tok / YouTube and others), whether as a basic activity or as an additional activity for them to include the necessity of including The profits that they make from practicing this activity and performing these services are included in their tax returns, which are due to be submitted on 50 March


“Abdul Qader” explained that he noticed the Egyptian Tax Authority in recent times the spread of digital platforms through which medical services of various kinds are provided, whether The services were (booking an examination in the clinic, or a home examination, or providing medical care services for the elderly and the elderly, nursing and analysis, in addition to the x-rays that are now being provided in homes, such as duplex rays and X-rays, as well as medical instructions for a fee), and digital platforms have spread that allow the service of uploading content An electronic website for doctors participating in the website to discuss an important medical issue of interest to a segment of patients and at the same time as a means of advertising for the doctor who owns the channel, in addition to the website that provides this type of service, its profits are in return for providing advertisements through Google for the owner of medical content , which is a transformation of the concept of medical clinics from physical presence to electronic medical clinics through which medical consultation services are provided through the phone or via video call with the doctor or directly from the site itself.

“Abdul Qader” added that the interest also notes that some nutritionists provide their services online via social media platforms, and some of them create a YouTube channel through which videos about nutrition and how to lose or gain weight are broadcast.

2022 “Abdul Qader” stressed the need for these doctors to register themselves with the Egyptian Tax Authority, in case They are not already registered with the authority, in addition to their recording the value of what they get in return for performing these services in their tax returns, including home visits, e-clinic statements, video call and telephone consultations, especially since they are paid, and he also stressed the need for websites that provide these services The necessity of registering with the authority. Egyptian Taxes receives all inquiries by calling the hotline 16395, or by emailing [email protected]