Kamal Amer, Editor-in-Chief, shares and writes:

>Unity of policies and centralization of parliament and civil education lead to building a generation capable of defending Himself and his country and preserving its goals, dreams and aspirations of the people

An initiative of the Ministry of Youth. It was launched by Sobhi. Within his plan, for the Egyptian youth movement to play a role in understanding what is happening in the world, learning about the experiences of countries, and promoting what is happening in Egypt. In other words, every young man who works in this program is like an extraordinary ambassador for Egypt

> How to A selection and a program prepared by them..
Based on my participation and follow-up to the program, any comments

1- The program management received 1,650 applications for participation in the General Administration of Parliament and Civil Education

2- Participants in supervising the program: Ahmed Afifi, Undersecretary of the Ministry, Dr. Muhammad Ghoneim, Dr. Abdullah Al-Batsh and Dr. Mostafa Magdy, Assistant Minister for the Policy Unit and Assistant Minister

3- Staff Ali Examination platform. Major General Ismail Al-Far, Executive Director of Youth. Counselor Tariq Abu Zaid. Legal Adviser to the Ministry of Youth and Kamal Amer. Writer of lines next to the supervision staff…
4- Because the program is atypical, and there is will and personal follow-up from more than one side, in addition to Dr. Ashraf Sobhi’s scrutiny and follow-up to the smallest details of the work. This scene put pressure on the work wheel, which was behind the emergency. And 36 hours of work and various exams and tests to get to know the personality of the young man, his strengths and areas of weakness, his behavior and reaction at the time of stress and pressure, his knowledge of the Egyptian reality, world issues, and the symbols of the Egyptian state

.. In other words, the need for the Egyptian youth, a member of the international bilateral committees, to have answers to questions that may arise H from the youth of other countries.
Of course, a number of important scenes in the program

the first scene

Objective: Raising awareness + deepening the study of the Egyptian issue + teaching how to arrange ideas + supporting and transferring the experiences of Egypt and the world to and from the youth of the homeland

Implementation Steps: Dr. Ashraf Sobhi launches the Egyptian International Youth Councils Initiative..The Policy Unit in the Ministry..Dr. Abdullah Al-Batsh, Assistant Minister for Youth and Youth Development and Dr. Mustafa Magdi, Assistant Minister for Youth Policies, presented papers, studies and implementation plans with Ahmed Afifi, Undersecretary of the Ministry, General Administration of Civil Education and Parliament, and meetings were held in the presence of Major General Ismail Al-Far and Tariq Abu Zaid’s advisor.

Implementation phases:
is as follows:
1- Announcement on the Ministry’s website.
2- Addressing the Egyptian-American universities. German, Russian Naval Academy etc. a guy and a girl 26 – 20 years.. students, graduates, and employees.. each of them saw that he met the conditions – a foreign language at least.. a high qualification – personal skills and experiences.. knowledge of public affairs..

The second scene:
It is required to filter the number to 505 young men and women who are the first batch of the program in order to identify the capabilities and capabilities, reveal the features of the personality..and know the places of strength and weakness.
Scene Three:
General Administration of Civil Education and Parliament with the Policy Unit and throughout 26 An hour I noticed for the first time that an administration in the Ministry of Youth uses the written exam as one of the tools to know the differences between Young people, twenty questions, each one has 4 choices as an answer in an intended time, the exam revolved around international relations – definitions of terms in A’s dictionary Politics and life have questions about Africa, the history of Egypt, international organizations in economics, rhetoric and grammar, as well as questions that measure intelligence and quick-wittedness.
In the rooms of the Olympic Center in Maadi.. I was one of those who conducted a discussion with those who were chosen for the exam. On the podium sat Major General Ismail Al-Far, Executive Director of the Ministry of Youth, Counselor Tariq Abu Zeid, Legal Adviser to the Ministry of Youth, Ahmed Afifi, Undersecretary of the Ministry, and Dr. Abdullah Al-Batsh, Dr. Mustafa Magdy, Dr. Muhammad Ghoneim, and I am Kamal Amer, the writer of the lines.. Mobilization, brainstorming, and creating pressures to know how young people behave and the limits of their excitement or enthusiasm.. General information, life experiences, cooperation, life experiences, how to deal with challenges, The role of the Ministry of Youth, then revealing the examinee’s knowledge of famous Egyptians.

Scene Four:
at the Olympic Center in Maadi, and dialogue sessions between the platform on assessing youth ABCb

The most important here is the 1600 a person who then feeds the capacity bank with details of their lives, Their skills, and divide them according to what the young man or girl possesses of cumulative skills and experience, whether academic, practical or office experiences.

The Ismail al-Far Brigade and questions to discover the components of the personality, its reaction in which is emotional stability, the most important characteristic of it .. How does its owner see inertia and at the dialogue table and the questions of the oppressor about the world map .. Location of countries, capitals.

And Counselor Tariq Abu Zeid, Legal Adviser to the Ministry of Youth and a test on international treaties and charters regulating the world in general..and Ahmed Afifi And questions to test the elements of the young man’s personality and the extent of his knowledge of the details of life in Egypt

Options, whether paper, Or direct scientific aims to “filter” to choose 582 Male and female students who represent the governorates among the applicants.

and I – Kamal Amer – And a simulation of a session with youth councils of foreign countries and how to present what is happening in Egypt in terms of files such as health, education, women, the relationship between Muslims and Christians, terrorism, and others to know the culture of Islam For young people and correct judgment on what they want.
Dr. Abdullah Al-Batish and a package of questions about personality components Her experiences, speaking on one of the files of Life’s Journey.
Dr. Mustafa Magdy, And an exploration of the young man or the girl about the international positions held by the Egyptians.. the names of international councils concerned with the details of life!!
is selected 199 Young men and women, as a first stage, will complete the preparation camp for them and announce the formation of a specific number of international Egyptian / international youth councils.. as a first stage.
The preparation agenda includes “networking” between the Ministry of Youth and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, with them the Armed Forces and the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs.

Extraordinary Ambassadors Program, they are the first nucleus of the Egyptian Youth Councils program / with the countries of the world, similar to the Egyptian / Russian business councils .. The Egyptian / American, A For Egyptian / Sudanese .. Egyptian / Kenyan.

1- The Ministry of Youth has a head that thinks, plans and adapts programs according to the vision, movement and dynamism of society and the state.
The “Thinking” group or the Policy Committee has the responsibility of defining directions for action…correcting and strengthening paths work, and also with its tasks.. review programs in a way that enhances the return.

2- The central administration of parliament and civil education, harmony and networking between the makers of ideas, whoever their owner is, and the plans and agenda of the ministry’s work.

3- It is clear that the declaration of the Minister of Youth, Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, and his adoption of the thinking group .. and his belief in the need for training to reach the farthest spots in Egypt and to the smallest employee in the ministry is very important.
He is here building a generation.. and making a new memory

Youth diplomacy is launched as a complementary type to support the country and complement the roles of other ministries