The Arab Doctors Union participates in the 23rd “Arab Hospitals” Forum

Aya Hussain

concluded yesterday, Tuesday The activities of the twenty-third forum of the Arab Hospitals Association, which was titled: “Rising to the Challenge: Launching New Health Care Strategies.”

The forum was also attended by Dr. Essam El-Sayed, Advisor to the Secretary-General of the Arab Medical Union for Media and International Cooperation, on behalf of Prof. Dr. Osama Raslan, Secretary-General of the Arab Doctors Union. The forum was also attended by representatives of The League of Arab States, Arab Ministries of Health, the World Health Organization for Eastern Mediterranean Countries, the Executive Office of the Council of Arab Health Ministers, in addition to the unions of doctors and nursing in Arab countries and many Arab health organizations and associations, and other relevant Arab institutions.

20220316 The forum dealt with “New Strategies in Post-Authority Health Management” The Covid crisis 19, where the Union put forward new strategies presented by international and Arab experts that benefit the Arab health sector and help it face any future crisis, and discussed several The most prominent topics were (new ways to advance the health care sector in the Arab countries, disasters and emergencies: preparedness, readiness and implementation, women in health leadership, towards a reliable and sustainable system in the Arab world, the new vision in the design of health care facilities in the Arab world, in addition to the Arab strategy for health Digital..)

The forum also included a specialized exhibition that opened the way for service providers to present the latest findings of science and development in the digital sector. Health care, and the forum also included a special ceremony attended by several Arab health ministers and Arab health personalities, during which the Union presented its strategy for the year 20220316 – 1280, which included titles and initiatives that benefit the Arab health sector.

20220316 The forum also praised the Egyptian experience in combating The emerging corona virus and the comprehensive health insurance system in the Arab Republic of Egypt