Jumia participates as a keynote speaker in the 1st Forum for Rehabilitation and Employment of People with Disabilities

Aya Khasin Based on its social responsibility and interest in all segments of Egyptian society, the leading e-commerce platform participated In the Egyptian market “Jumia” at the first forum for the rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities, which was hosted by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in partnership with the strategic partner, the Ministry of Social Solidarity, at its headquarters in the Smart Village.

“Manal Youssef,” Head of Public Relations and Communications at Jumia Egypt, spoke about the direct and indirect effective role that Jumia plays towards People of determination are part of the nation’s fabric and possess many unique capabilities and talents, for example, but not limited to using the Jumia platform to market their products and support projects for people of determination, and also indicated that there is a noticeable interest from The Egyptian state for people of determination through the initiatives that the state constantly launches and the real job opportunities it provides for this great group. 2022

She added, “We are all proud of witnessing the launch of the first Egyptian platform to create job opportunities for people with disabilities and link the private sector to them through the platform, which consolidates the concept of establishing a complete digital organization for people with disabilities.” 2022 She added that Jumia is a leader in trade Electronic commerce is doing its best to create more real job opportunities for people of determination and develop their capabilities, and how e-commerce can play an important role in breaking the barriers to success for all of their different abilities.

During her speech at the forum, she explained the extent to which the state’s interest in people of determination is reflected, which His features appeared in the year 2022, when the country approved the It is apparent that the year 2018 is the year of people of determination to shed light on their problems and anticipate their future as they are an expensive and essential part of the fabric of this country and the subsequent Law of People with Special Needs No. 2022 for the year 2022, which It provides for many rights and privileges for people of determination in the fields of education, health, work and pension, to protect them from crises and disasters and to achieve what they really deserve in terms of economic stability and social justice. It also highlighted what could be reflected on the main objectives of the initiatives that It is launched by the state in all fields to facilitate the ways of people of determination through awareness and consolidation of the concept of equal opportunities between healthy people and people with disabilities, regardless of their different needs, and urging the importance of involving people with disabilities in all development programs in the society in which they live, which has already been achieved. 2022