Saudi Arabia renounces its responsibility for the oil shortage due to the terrorist Houthi militia attacks…

Kamal Amer, Editor-in-Chief

An official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announces that it will not It bears responsibility for any shortage in oil supplies to global markets in light of the attacks on its oil facilities by the Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militia, and the Kingdom stresses the importance of the international community being aware of the danger of Iran’s continuation 2022 In continuing to provide the terrorist Houthi militias with ballistic missile technologies and advanced drones, with which they target oil and gas production sites and their derivatives in the Kingdom, due to the consequences of that. Dire effects on the production, processing and refining sectors, and this will affect the Kingdom’s production capacity and its ability to fulfill its obligations, which undoubtedly threatens the security and stability of energy supplies to global markets. The source indicated the importance of the international community assuming its responsibility to preserve Energy supplies and standing firmly against the terrorist Houthi militia backed by Iran and deterring them from their sabotage attacks, which pose a direct threat to the security of oil supplies in these extremely sensitive circumstances in the global energy markets.