Malak Al-Ashery, General Manager and Managing Director of “Council Masters” for “Le Bani Misr”:

Ashraf Tawfik

The project comes in implementation of the mandates of the political leadership to return the Nile to its people

“The Walk of the People of Egypt” will be a destination for all groups The people and without fees

Malak Al-Ashery, General Manager and Managing Director of Council Masters, said that the first phase of the tourist walkway is scheduled to open tomorrow, Thursday, corresponding to March, with a length of 1.8 km, which is considered an outlet for citizens and a world park that includes many recreational, cultural and sports activities, and the opening activities will continue for 3 days, to make the project a destination for all groups of people without fees.
Al-Ashery added, in a telephone interview to the “Li Bani Misr” program, presented by journalist Marwa Al-Haddad and the broadcaster. On “Radio Egypt”, that the project It comes in implementation of the mandates of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, to restore the Nile to its people, improve the quality of life for Egyptians, and increase the per capita share of green spaces and open spaces for hiking. She confirmed that the final preparations start from tomorrow, Thursday, with a mini-party dedicated to renters and some public figures, and it will be available to everyone on Friday. This celebration will be held on the first floating theater equipped with the highest technology in the middle of the Nile to distinguish the walkway of the people of Egypt with all that is new in the field of events and celebrations.

She said that the day of celebrations also includes Saturday and will be dedicated to organizing a number of sports activities, including a marathon for running, followed by the indigo sports activity by the rowing team and organizing competitions, pointing out that the walkway will be opened to the public starting from twelve o’clock in the afternoon. On Saturdays, it will be available to the public from nine o’clock in the morning. It is ergonomically designed Ramy will be a beacon for all artistic, literary and cultural disciplines, and a protocol was signed with one of the companies to hold monthly seminars inside the floating theater, and the beginning of any sporting events in the Nile will be through the floating theater, which is a model, design and implementation at the highest level. Al-Ashery explained that the project will be available to everyone, whether foreigners or Arabs, especially since the project is surrounded by major Egyptian hotels overlooking the project , pointing out that it takes into account the application of the latest international and tourism standards to provide a new experience for Egyptians and foreigners, by attracting major local and international brands.