«>>Islam Najm Al-Din” participates in the National Program for Building Student Cadres in African Affairs

Kamal Amer, Editor-in-Chief

Researcher “Islam Fikry Najm Al-Din” participates The researcher specializing in African history, in a panel discussion entitled “Introduction to African Relations” over the course of two days, within the national program “I am Egyptian … I am African” to build student cadres in African affairs, which is organized by the Afromedia initiative in cooperation with the African Foundation for Development and Capacity Building, and the Advisory Council For the youth of the African Free Trade Agreement, and the Union of All African Students, with the participation of a group of leaders of student unions in universities at the level of the Republic.

399978407 and during The panel discussion dealt with “Najm El-Din” a number of important axes, including: the history of African Egypt, relations before the European occupation of the continent, and the impact of European colonialism on relations between the countries of the continent, leading to Egypt’s role in the stage of national struggle and liberation, and from there to the Egyptian-African regional cooperation.

In a related context, I took up the discussion table Also, the Egyptian-African relations during the reign of Muhammad Ali; Khedive Ismail; Leader Gamal Abdel Nasser, in addition to Britain’s influence on Egyptian-African relations, as well as dealing with the Nile file in Egyptian-African relations.

399978407 Ghazali, the founder of the Afromedia initiative, concluded by explaining the initiative’s endeavor, through the national program to build student cadres in African affairs, to consolidate the African identity and enhance knowledge of African cultures among this important segment of youth bases, in preparation for them to contribute on their part in their role entrusted with educating and educating their peers. University youth, in order to create a strong collective awareness of the importance of the unity and integration of the continent, among young people as the leaders of tomorrow.