The Minister of Industry inaugurates the Industrial Integration Exhibition tomorrow

نيفين جامع Nevin Jameh
3332287227878814763 Fathy Al-Sayeh

The Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr. Nevin Gamea, will open the Industrial Integration Exhibition, which will last for 3 days at the Egypt International Exhibition Center in the Fifth Settlement. The exhibition comes at an important time amid global challenges imposed itself on industry, market, construction and development

Engineer Ahmed Mujahid, head of the exhibition’s organizer, confirmed that This event came to translate the thought of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in building the new republic, which seeks to consolidate solid bases in industry, development and expansion of national projects according to advanced technology. Mujahid added that there is competition between companies to display the latest industrial equipment, machinery, construction equipment and equipment required by the construction and urban development process that Egypt is witnessing in the current period. Adding that for the first time in Egypt, industrial developers, steel building companies, production lines, machines and all industry requirements meet under one roof, and it is also an opportunity to display the latest industrial and construction technology at this important time.

He explained that the exhibition comes at a time when the industrial sector needs incentive mechanisms that require the necessity of industrial integration with local small and medium-sized companies, rather than importing Components and supplies from abroad. As industrial integration works to find value-added products that enhance the industrial process and provide production requirements for the development of the industrial sector in Egypt and the exploitation of natural resources. He pointed out that the exhibition is an opportunity for entrepreneurs, large, medium and small companies, financing and advisory bodies, to meet, and to listen to the views and ideas of economic experts and industrial investors.