Egypt launches an international electronic campaign to promote tourism under the title “Follow the Sun”

Eh Hussein

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, represented by the Egyptian General Authority for Tourism Activation, has launched, starting today and for a period of 8 weeks, a new electronic campaign on various social media platforms to promote the Egyptian tourist destination for the summer season

, under the title Follow the Sun.

The Ministry of Tourism said, in a statement, today, Wednesday, that the campaign targets a number of the main markets exporting tourism to Egypt, which are the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy.

Amr El-Qadi, CEO of the Egyptian General Authority for Tourism Activation, said that the launch of this campaign coincides with the beginning of the spring season in a number of targeted markets in order to push more tourist traffic to Egypt. From these markets, especially in the summer season 2022.

He explained that this campaign focuses on many Egyptian tourist destinations such as Cairo, Giza, Luxor, Aswan, Red Sea resorts and Sinai, pointing out This campaign comes in light of the implementation of the media strategy for tourism promotion in Egypt, which aims to highlight the Egyptian tourist destination and its political components. A lively, distinct and diverse archaeological identity, and a young vibrant identity, and as an attractive tourist destination, the visitor would like to stay for a long period of time with a repeat visit every year. On the social media platforms most used in these markets are Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, in light of the increasing trend towards internet use, especially by young people.

She added that the slogan of this campaign invites tourists to constantly follow the weather. Which will make them choose Egypt as a distinctive tourist destination to spend their vacations there and enjoy its warm atmosphere throughout the year, where the shining sun, which is an integral part of Egypt’s pharaonic history and ancient civilization, and the scenic views and wonderful seas and the immortal Nile, in addition to promoting the integrated tourism product that Egypt adopts to integrate the beach tourism product with tourism Cultural, and depends on shedding light on the atmosphere of celebrations and tourist attractions in a number of tourist and archaeological governorates, as well as the warm weather in Egypt that is full of familiarity, fun and kindness enjoyed by the city. For Egyptians, in addition to highlighting the most important eco-tourism and the features of what the Egyptian state is doing to move towards responsible and sustainable tourism.

Professor Suzan Mustafa, Director General of the Tourism Promotion Department at the authority, stated that during this campaign, the largest electronic booking platforms will be used in The world is part of this campaign.

This campaign is considered a continuation of the electronic promotional campaigns launched by the Ministry early this year under the title Sunny Christmas and Sunny January, which achieved remarkable success on websites. Various social media in Egypt and a number of countries in which the campaign was launched, as it succeeded in reaching 107 million users, and achieved viewership rates of more than 100 views on various social media sites, in addition to its success in raising the rates of electronic search for Egypt on global search engines. These target markets are 95% compared to last year.

The Egyptian tourist destination is promoted through social networking sites through a variety of content between photos, videos and written content from publications that is an essential part of the marketing mix For the Ministry, social media pages are an essential part of the Egyptian tourist destination’s branding, the main mechanism for sharing these promotional content, and inspiring travelers to discover Egypt.