Gates Developments contracts with Ziad Maghribia to manage its projects in the Administrative Capital and 6th of October

Ashraf Tawfik

Gates Real Estate Development contracted with The Management House to manage projects, in order to manage all the company’s projects in the real estate market, and the contract was signed by Ahmed Aboul Fotouh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gates Real Estate Development Company, and Ziad Maghrabi, Chairman of The Management Company. House for Project Management.

Ahmed Aboul Fotouh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gates Real Estate Development Company, said that the management of The projects have become one of the essential elements to maintain the investment value of the project as a real estate wealth owned by the developing company, as well as to preserve the value of the project in which the client invested his money to have an added value. Said Al-Jarf, Marketing Director of Gates Real Estate Development Company, indicated that Ziad Maghribia, through his company The Management House, manages all projects of Gates Real Estate Development Company, which is “Catalan”. It is a project located on an area of ​​561 acres with a total investment of 1.8 billion pounds in the heart of the R7 and “AUDAZ” It is a commercial project located in the New Administrative Capital, the West Gate commercial project in West Cairo, and the Spana Plaza project in the 6th of October City, where The Management House provides maintenance and security services for residential projects, and operation and management services for commercial and administrative projects owned by Gates Development Company.

And he pointed out that Ziad is a Moroccan, who has a strong business precedent and experience Distinguished in managing projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, most notably the SAHAT CO project in Jabal Omar in Makkah, Al Salam Mall in Jeddah, Al Noor Mall in Madinah, Saudi Arabia, Aziz Mall in Jeddah, in addition to Mall of Arabia in Egypt.

He stressed the keenness of Gates Real Estate Development Company to cooperate with the most prominent entities in designing, developing, implementing and managing its projects, in order to maintain the confidence of its clients in it, as well as to maintain a strong business precedent that serves as a reference for clients looking for distinctive projects. He pointed out that the client is looking for the project after its delivery and the extent to which its quality is maintained to be assured of his future project.