ITIDA and the CIT Chamber to achieve the development goals of the information technology industry

Aya Hussein

Today, the Chamber of Information and Communications Technology revealed in a statement issued According to her, Eng. Amr Mahfouz, CEO of the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), received the members of the new board of directors of the Chamber of Information and Communications Technology Industry (CIT). According to the Chamber’s statement, the meeting aims to develop future visions for cooperation and to complement the efforts to support companies specialized in the information technology industry, in addition to strengthening the Chamber’s role as a link between the government in its various bodies and members of the private sector companies, in order to strive towards defining their future priorities and unifying The joint efforts that are taking a steady pace to support the plans of the state and achieve the vision of Egypt 2030.

Commenting on the meeting, Eng. Amr Mahfouz, CEO of the Information Technology Industry Development Authority, said: “The partnership between the Authority and the Information and Communications Technology Industry Chamber has roots in Returning to many years in which joint efforts joined forces to achieve development goals and work to consolidate the future of the industry and meet the needs of all parties, stressing the importance of integration between the tasks of each party in the system to support the sector’s position and its direct impact on the national economy.”

2030 He added: “We look forward to constructive cooperation in achieving the objectives of Egypt’s digital strategy for the outsourcing industry, noting that the authority has also launched a new strategy to attract more investments in companies. The Egyptian emerging technology, and the Authority’s future vision will be shared with the Chamber to support emerging companies with the aim of coming up with an integrated vision for cooperation in this regard.”

The CEO of the authority stressed the need to repeat the continuous and constructive meetings and dialogues and exchange of visions on a regular basis, as the authority aspires to achieve integration in roles, to achieve maximum benefit for the information technology community, work for the benefit of the industry and open new horizons to serve all its parties. 2030 For his part, Eng. Khaled Ibrahim, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Information Technology Industry and Etisalat said: “The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) is the Chamber’s main partner in the future development of member companies specialized in the sector. in the new members of the Board of Directors in its current session.”

2030 He added: “The Chamber is currently playing a strategic role in supporting the industry as a result of Many facts, most notably the positive results of the new Federation of Industries law, stressing the importance of unifying the companies’ databases on both sides to focus more on monitoring and meeting the needs of specialized companies, in addition to identifying the future programs and initiatives of the authority for effective participation in their implementation, and discussing ways to develop and build the capacities of local companies. To enhance its competitive position in implementing government projects or exporting its services abroad.”

It is worth noting that the meeting dealt with many common axes. The most prominent of which is the need to define a unified classification for Egyptian companies operating in the IT sector Information to include emerging companies, and to enhance the role of the Information and Communications Technology Chamber in the Committee of the Information Technology Industry Development Authority to monitor the challenges facing the industry with various official authorities such as customs, taxes, insurance and the workforce, in addition to discussing the future of joint cooperation in the field of training and rehabilitation of small companies.