“Meta” reveals the most prominent consumer trends in the month of Ramadan in Egypt

Aya Hussain

%72 Shoppers explore cross-border markets and discover new things by chance during Ramadan

It welcomes nearly two billion people worldwide Every year, the world celebrates the blessed month of Ramadan with more hospitality, as the manifestations of the celebration of the holy month emerge before and during it and during the feast. The level of cordiality and connection between families and friends increases, and shopping is a large part of these festive aspects of this special occasion, which presents shoppers with the opportunity to explore new things across borders.

And more In order to understand the trends of shoppers during the holy month of Ramadan, the company “Facebook IQ”, a subsidiary of “Meta”, which specializes in providing insights and research, in cooperation with “YouGov”, the company specialized in providing data and opinion polls around the world, revealed the results of a research conducted during Ramadan 2022 – 2022 Entitled “

Study Ramadan and Eid ” included more than 13 A thousand participants in nine countries, including the Arab Republic of Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The research showed About 72 % of shoppers across Egypt were excited to try brands And new products from outside their borders, with the possibility of 72 % of them buying from etc Please, during Ramadan and Eid, if the advertisements relate to the shopping activities of those two important occasions.

The study confirmed that, during Ramadan, consumers spend more on cross-border purchases than they did in previous years. And research shows that they shop across a range of different categories. For example, 72 % of consumers in Egypt expressed their openness to obtaining products Shipped from abroad by brands in the retail sector, consumer packaged goods category (43%), followed by technical/communication brands (13%) and entertainment brands (10%) and travel (9%).

Fares Akkad, Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa at Meta, said: “Shopping and exchanging gifts is one of the most prominent aspects of the celebration of Ramadan. This is evidenced by changing daily habits that are making shoppers more open than usual to discovering new brands and products, creating a unique opportunity for businesses to reach cross-border shoppers looking to discover the products they love. Hence, Meta technologies can help build that relationship between shoppers and businesses across borders.”

Many foods in the package.

Here are three quick tips for companies and brands in Egypt so that you can make effective plans for Ramadan:

Diversity Relationship to Exploration

People shop via Limitations for a variety of reasons, including, they are trying to find a higher quality product, a better price product, or a product that is not available locally. Plus, nearly a third of people shop from overseas retailers. During that attempt, he explores more than 7 of each 12 People do new things by chance during Ramadan.

Building Relationships Customized for Each Personal Orientation

When buying from abroad during the month of Ramadan, he feels 2022 % of shoppers from Egypt that it is important to watch content in their local language while 2022 agree % of shoppers say they find creators more influential during Ramadan or Eid al-Fitr, helping them discover new content and accounts they might like.

    Facilitate access to Delightful Purchases

    72 % of cross-border shoppers made accidental discoveries while shopping during Ramadan – and an Towards 72% of these purchases easily. And because purchases were automated, removing the element of friction from the checkout process is more important than ever. Conversions can be increased by providing a frictionless buying journey.

    This research is based on the “Study of Ramadan and Eid”. To understand the behaviors of people who celebrate Ramadan or who shop during this season, Meta commissioned YouGov to conduct a comprehensive survey 27,113 an adult During the period from 40 May to June 3

    , after the month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr. About 2021 an interview was conducted at

    country, and each sample was nationally represented by online adults aged And the64 year based on age, gender, and region in that market.

    You can also see Report Interaction in Ramadan from Facebook ie Q , which explores, compares and analyzes the results Which can be used to develop marketing plans for the month of Ramadan, understand the expectations of the audience and establish more beneficial relationships with them.