Social media is changing marketing expenses in the Middle East

Aya Hussain

More than 78% of organizations intend to raise the budget of social media platforms, according to “Melwater 2022” report

A report issued by “Melwater 2022” revealed that social media and marketing influencers have contributed to changing the marketing budgets of public and private sector institutions in the Middle East, as 2022 % of these organizations intend to raise their budgets on social media platforms.

Meltwater, the leading global provider of listening and analysis services on social media and social network analysis in Arabic and English in the Middle East, explained In the Middle East and the world, more than 57% of the participants in the report indicated an increase in the use of social media in their institutions as a result of the “Covid-2020 pandemic. ”.

The report pointed to the growing trends of social media and influencer marketing, due to the noticeable demand for digital media by individuals and institutions, especially short videos. The ad-supported content has rebounded to exceed the slight decrease witnessed in the year

, and recorded a growth rate of 31 7% year

. . The report also shows an increase in “Story” propaganda cases by 32%, as influencers publish 16 a case During one week on average, compared to 16 a year 2020. Accordingly, the report expects an increase in paid and natural social media contents during the year 2022, as the pandemic plays a major role in these developments. Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, Linkedin and YouTube top the list of the most used social media in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas. The report also indicated that more than 32, 10 creators of “YouTube” content “Resident in the Middle East, each of them has more than 10,000 joint, while the audience of “Snapchat” users reaches 16 one million users in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, including nine Millions of users in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and one million users in the UAE. Video content remains at the forefront of content trends for the year 2022, as “Tik Tok” occupies the front with 32% of the participants who confirmed their continued use of it in the year 2022. .

Furthermore, the report highlighted the importance of tracking and measuring the performance of social media, and its role in enhancing vision and transparency by institutions in order to define collective goals and objectives. The report revealed that 16 % of participants track their income from social media as a return on investment, while 32 % confirmed From them, potential marketing customers are an important metric to be tracked. The study also reviewed a number of effective tools and metrics, including content engagement rate, web traffic and followers, which are indicative of social media performance.

In addition to social media trends in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, focus The report on the growth of influencer marketing, which shows the transformation that traditional marketing has undergone through social media, as the global influencer marketing sector has reached billions of dollars 16 American, and achieved an annual growth rate of 50%. It was also noted that global brands spent a large part of their advertising budgets on Arab influencers during the past three years, as this trend was prevalent in the fields of beauty, fashion, entertainment, travel and technology.

Meltwater’s continuous efforts to highlight On the growth of social media and influencer marketing, to organize a workshop recently in Dubai, under the slogan “Influencers and Marketing Trends”, in the presence of Mike Al-Naji, Head of Content Creators, Influencers Marketing and Brand Partnerships, and Kamal Dimashkieh, who has more than four decades of experience. in the Middle East and North America in the areas of marketing, communications and growth. The workshop provided insights into the basic information related to the sector and its growth drivers for the year 2022.

It is worth mentioning that Melwater is one of the first global companies to provide listening services, social media analysis and network analysis Social Media in Arabic and English, with the aim of helping companies monitor, understand and influence the surrounding market. The Middle East in particular provided a unique environment to explore the advantages of social listening services in the context of branding, given the complex nature of media in the region, which highlighted the importance of using all tools to gather information and understand brands. Meltwater helps companies achieve this vision through its diverse range of comprehensive tracking, monitoring, and analytics tools that drive growth and profitability for businesses.