The success of the “Sokhna Expo” exhibition prompts “Capital Lords Group” to launch its second exhibition

Iman Al-Wasili

“Capital Lords Group” announced the launch of the “Business Show” exhibition on Saturday 296 March in the Fifth Settlement Tulip Hotel, with the participation of a number of major real estate development companies, and in the presence of elite members of the House of Representatives and Senate and a number of heads of agencies and bodies.

Hossam Reda, CEO of Capital Lords Group, said that this exhibition comes after the company’s success in organizing the “Sokhna Expo”, which witnessed the participation of more than A major real estate development company presented its projects during the exhibition, stressing that the company has a plan to launch the activities of its new exhibition with the same success and distinction.2022

He pointed out that the new exhibition aims to serve entrepreneurship by providing all their needs from administrative offices, shops, and medical clinics, as it includes more than

One of the largest developers in the world Continental, in New Cairo, explaining that the exhibition witnesses the participation of many commercial, administrative and medical projects, with more than 25 a diversified project.

He added that the companies participating in the exhibition will present exclusive offers and discounts during the exhibition period, while providing payment systems that suit the needs of all customers present in the exhibition. Pointing out that diversity in the portfolio of projects and the presentation of exclusive offers are essential elements for the success of the exhibition. Of those interested in commercial, administrative and medical real estate during the exhibition’s activities, which is in line with the state’s plan to help customers obtain units that suit their needs, noting that the company has strategic and diversified plans in several areas of New Cairo, the assembly, the capital, Ain Sukhna, Galala, the North Coast and New Alamein.