The Minister of Industry and Trade is hosted by the Tenth of Ramadan Investors Association to discuss their problems

Fathi Al-Sayeh

Minister of Industry and Trade Dr. Nevin Gamea held a meeting Expanded with investors inside the headquarters of the Tenth of Ramadan Investors Association this afternoon, Thursday, to discuss the obstacles and challenges facing industrialists and create the appropriate climate for investment. Dr. Amani Al-Wasal, Director of the Export Development Fund, Major General Muhammad Al-Zalat, President of the Industrial Development Authority, Engineer Muhammad Abdul Karim, Director of the Industrial Modernization Center, Major General Abdul Raouf Ahmadi, Head of the Industrial Control Department, Hatem Al-Ashry, Advisor to the Minister for Communication Affairs, the Corporation, and Dr. Essam Al-Najjar, Head of the Export and Import Control Authority, and a number of interest leaders

The meeting was chaired by Dr. Samir Aref, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Tenth of Ramadan Investors Association, and his deputy, Dr. Walid Hilal and Ayman Reda, Secretary-General at the head of the Association’s board of directors, in the presence of more than 48 An industrial investor in the tenth of Ramadan.

Dr. Nevin Jameh, Minister of Industry and A neighbor expressed her happiness to be in the midst of all this huge gathering of investors on the 10th of Ramadan, saying, “With you, I feel very satisfied because I am always at your service, as we are the concerned ministry for industrial affairs and to facilitate your mission.” The Minister confirmed that she is in constant contact with all industrialists and on a daily basis we are all motivated by one goal, which is the interest of the state and the interests of investors.

Regarding the documentary credits decision, the Minister of Industry and Trade said that Egypt and the world are passing through In exceptional circumstances, and we issued some decisions to stop the export of some products. This does not mean that I am against exporting. It is not easy for us to stop this, but there is a higher goal for the interest of our country in light of global tensions, and we want to protect our economy. The main purpose of the documentary credits decision was to implement the governance system in an integrated manner, and its issuance coincided with the global crisis, and we are studying all alternatives to preserve investors and industrialists.

The Minister said “ In my office there is a list of our imports with more than a thousand 37 a thousand codes, and we are now making every effort to support the national industry.

The Minister requested from the Association of M The Tenth of Ramadan will benefit from the necessity of preparing a hearing to introduce the 667 law for the year 2020 on projects

On his part, Dr. Samir Aref, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Tenth Investors Association, and all members of the Board of Directors of the Association welcomed the Minister and the heads of economic institutions, as They are considered the legitimate representative of all manufacturers in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and they have a heavy burden, and the manufacturers have no other door than this ministry. Many obstacles and bureaucracy waste our time instead of using this time to develop production, indicating that any decision in these economic bodies has an immediate and significant impact on the factories. Documentary credits that facilitate their task for industrialists, and we want to feel that we have a real back to protect factories and national production. They work hard inside their factories and make the procedures easy for them, and it will not be easier for them than to implement the dream of the political leadership that Egyptian exports reach 667 billion dollars.

Investors’ challenges at the minister’s table

During the meeting, the minister received many complaints facing investors that represent an obstacle, reviewed by Ayman Reda, Secretary General of the Tenth of Ramadan Investors Association Where he demanded the speedy closing of the doors that open to notorious goods entering Egypt, in addition to the damage of some major companies from the presence of fraud by the Bir al-Salam factories by impersonating the name of the brand without taking legal measures to protect the national product, as well as circumventing the entry of products from the UAE with a forged certificate of origin, including It harms the national industry, especially the satellite channels that broadcast around the clock advertisements for inferior products that harm the national industry.
. Production obligations that will make countries close factories will be required.

Some factory owners also threatened to close their factories due to the documentary credits decision, stressing that the banking sector is not ready to implement this decision, most notably the factory The only one in Egypt that manufactures staplers in Egypt.

Investors questioned, in the interest of those who created a bad parallel to the dollar after the decision to open documentary credits, so we have a crisis in the dollar and a crisis in Customs to the extent that investors suffer from the lack of shipping containers.

He called on investors to facilitate the procedures facing investors in the Industrial Development Authority, in addition to commercial registration procedures and high fees when extracting papers and documents, especially fees The Bar Association.

They also called on the Minister of Industry and Trade to take care of the facilities of the industrial areas, as the roads and services in those areas suffer from severe neglect.

The Minister and heads of bodies respond On the Concern of Investors

Minister of Industry and Trade Nevin Jameh said that there are almost daily meetings on the need to implement the approved specifications on all imports and there are procedures Very important, the doors will be closed, as for inferior and smuggled goods that harm the national industry. Anti-dumping duties against Turkey, and currently, all measures are being taken to protect the national industry.

Major General Abdul Raouf Ahmadi, head of the Industrial Control Department, demanded that all major factories inform them of all the information of impersonators of their marks.

Dr. Samir Aref, head of the Asher Investors Association, called for taking proactive measures to protect the national product from suspicious invoices of origin until proven otherwise.

He said Officials that the Ministry of Industry has detailed lists of all production requirements and we are trying to make an exception for some goods and production requirements soon.