Spices and vegetables dissolve belly fat and activate the mind and cognition

Dr. Muhammad Hafez Ibrahim

Most people in the world want to lose weight and get rid of belly fat, to regain fitness and body fitness. Most of the global research from the US Food and Drug Administration and the British National Health Authority confirmed that some spices and vegetables can be added to the diet to help burn belly and body fat. In order to succeed in burning belly fat, it is necessary to follow a fresh, healthy diet that is low in calories, and adding vegetables and spices to it will benefit your health in addition to getting rid of belly fat, the most important of which is: = Onions : Onions help in a natural diet and slimming , by reducing the level of cholesterol, and strengthening the blood vessels, and onions have many benefits for health, including:

= Onions are beneficial for heart health because it lowers Cholesterol level, and prevents blood clots.

= Natural anti-inflammatory, and relieves allergies.

= Strengthens the immune system.

= Helps digestion.

= Fights cancer. )

= green pepper : contains It contains a neuropeptide that improves metabolism and regulates appetite, and has substances that increase the rate of fat burning, and other benefits of green pepper:

= lowers blood sugar level.= lowers cholesterol.= Stimulates blood circulation.= Natural pain reliever.

= Garlic : Garlic helps to get rid of fat through its ability to Reducing the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood by

%, which has many other benefits, including: = treats high blood pressure.

= A powerful antiseptic and antibacterial. = Regulates the work of the heart and maintains = Reduces the risk of cancer.

= Improves skin health.= Strengthens the scalp. = Useful for hair health, as it treats and eliminates dandruff.

= Turmeric : Helps burn belly fat because it regulates metabolism, and it has many other health benefits, including:

= It contains anti-inflammatory substances, so it helps in the treatment of arthritis.

= A natural antibiotic that helps in the rapid healing and healing of wounds.

= Regulates the digestive process, and treats digestive problems. = Treats stomach diseases.

= Cinnamon
: Cinnamon activates blood circulation, raises the level of metabolism, which helps to burn belly fat and get rid of it, and other benefits of cinnamon:
= Natural anti-inflammatory and relieves pain. = Promotes brain activity.

= Relieves nervous tension. = Maintains the health of the digestive system

= It works to get rid of flatulence

Vegetables dissolve belly and body fat and activate the mind and awareness: Where leafy vegetables are one of the most important elements that contain many vitamins, iron, phosphorous, potassium and copper, and many vitamins that provide the body with many benefits. )

= Watercress : where Watercress is a good source of potassium, which helps improve memory, as well as It is useful in losing weight, due to its low calories.

= Cabbage : Cabbage is a good source of beta-carotene, and a percentage of Antioxidants, and this makes it help in the prevention of inflammation of the joints It is an original, preserves the skin and skin, and is included in the protection of bones from fractures, because it contains vitamin k.

= lettuce : Lettuce contains important nutrients that act as sedatives for the body, which makes it effective in treating Pain, lettuce is used in the treatment of insomnia and nervous disorders and is used to protect bones from fragility .

= spinach : Spinach contains a high percentage of phosphorous, potassium, sulfur, chlorine, copper, calcium and iron, so it is one of the most useful green elements, and it helps in losing weight due to its low calories, It protects against anemia, and also maintains the health of the eyes, hair and skin.

= parsley : Parsley has many health benefits, it contains a large proportion of potassium, and it also helps protect the body from toxins, and acts as a disinfectant against bacteria and viruses. And contributes to losing weight and dissolving accumulated fat in the body..

= Molokhia : Molokhia is a dietary meal rich in vitamins A and B and many minerals. And the important fibers and salts for the body, such as iron, phosphorous, calcium and manganese, and it is characterized by not losing any of its nutritional components during cooking.