The General Federation of Chambers of Commerce: 7 rooms in the governorates started “Welcome Ramadan”, and next week will witness its opening in the rest of the Republic

Fathi Al-Sayeh

Engineer Ibrahim Mahmoud Al-Arabi, President of the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce, announced the launch of a series of exhibitions “Welcome Ramadan” in Cairo Governorate on (the twenty-fifth of this month) in the exhibition grounds to provide the Egyptian family’s needs of all commodities Under the auspices of The Prime Minister, in cooperation with the ministries of supply, internal trade, trade and industry.

The private sector is working in full swing to end the opening of a series of exhibitions in all governorates, praising the close cooperation with all parties

He explained that the Welcome Ramadan exhibitions come within the framework of the societal role of commercial forgiveness to contribute to providing all the needs of citizens before the start of the holy month of Ramadan, which The volume of local demand for food commodities rises by about 50 % than at any other time during the year. Ramadan in many provinces since yesterday For periods ranging from 15 a day to a whole month, in order to contain the crisis of price increases that the markets witnessed during the past weeks, affected by the global economic strikes that resulted from placing economic sanctions on Russia The movement of global logistics and transportation and the impact of European and global markets were affected by these sanctions.

Many governorates had already opened exhibitions Welcome Ramadan

in Luxor:

Inaugurated Yesterday, Counselor Mostafa Elham, Governor of Luxor, and Accountant Salah Mohamed Khalil, President of the Chamber of Commerce in Luxor, and a number of representatives of major merchants and major commercial chains in the governorate, inaugurated the main exhibition in Luxor, which is held on an area 2000 square meters, with reductions ranging from 15 to 50 % of market prices with the participation of commercial chains

Salah Khalil confirmed working to find many exhibitions and sub-chambers in the centers and major cities within the governorate’s borders, in cooperation with all government agencies, in order to display and sell basic commodities and food commodities of interest to the consumer during the holy month of Ramadan with discounts of up to To 50 To 50 %. In addition to preparing mobile car convoys that roam villages and cities in cooperation with the Directorate of Supply in the governorate, in addition to involving major commercial chains in the display and sale of strategic basic commodities and all commodities at discounted and appropriate prices for citizens.

and in Ismailia:

The Chamber of Commerce opened yesterday, headed by Eng. Ahmed Othman, the main headquarters of the exhibition at the Chamber’s headquarters in conjunction with the establishment of 8 other exhibitions. More than 50 exhibitors and exhibitors participated in the Chamber’s exhibition. From merchants and owners of large companies. All exhibits inside the exhibition are displayed at discounted prices less than those in the market with a percentage of 15: 35%

In Assiut:

Amr Abu Al-Oyoun, President of the Chamber of Commerce in Assiut Governorate, opened the main show at the Chamber of Commerce headquarters, and it is scheduled to continue for a period of 15 One day with discounts of up to 25% compared to its counterparts abroad

He indicated that there is continuous coordination with Major General Essam Saad Governor of Assiut, to discuss adding more than one outlet in different places within the governorate, in addition to the fixed room exhibition and the Salim Coast exhibition, and launching mobile sales cars to reach remote areas in the governorate in cooperation with the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade.

Abu added Al-Ayoun stated that the aim of holding exhibitions Welcome Ramadan is to provide the necessary needs for citizens of various types of goods at reduced prices, and to enjoy the special offers that those exhibitions punctuate according to the instructions of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic.

North Sinai:

Representative Aziz Matar, Member of Parliament and President of North Sinai Chamber of Commerce inaugurated the main exhibition Welcome Ramadan in the governorate, and he said that a shader has been constructed with an area of ​​50 m in length by 60 m in width and it can accommodate more than 16 weeping will be given to merchants who want to buy and sell at wholesale price in the garden in the center of Arish.

Matar added that Bouaki was given The exhibition is for free traders, equipped with free lighting, and the Chamber of Commerce bears all the costs of preparing and equipping the exhibition, provided that the prices are appropriate and reduced to relieve citizens after the high rise that the markets witnessed during the past weeks.


Magdy Gaballah, President of the Chamber of Commerce in Fayoum Governorate, opened the main exhibition yesterday within 7 exhibitions scheduled to be launched in various parts of the governorate and the operation of about 10 cars to reach remote areas, with discount rates ranging from

To 15 % of the general level prevailing for the same commodities in the markets outside the fairs.


Major General Ashraf Daoudi, Governor of Qena, and members of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce of Qena Governorate, headed by Ismail Al-Washahi, who represented him at the opening, was inaugurated by Muhammad Shawqi, First Deputy The Chamber’s Chairman is exposed to “Welcome Ramadan” in the Consumer Cooperative Society branch in Al-Mashaleh Street and Al-Sa’a Square area in Qena City, within the 15 exhibition at the governorate level, implemented by the Chamber Commercial in cooperation with the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade and the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority

Port Said:

Mohamed Saada, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce announced The Egyptian Port Said announced the opening of the Welcome Ramadan exhibition in the new Port Said bazaar in front of the Civilized Fish Market, under the patronage of Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, and in cooperation with Dr. Ali El Moselhy, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, Nevin Jameh, Minister of Trade and Industry, and Major General Staff of War Adel El Ghadban, Governor of Port Said, in order to provide all citizens’ needs for commodities. Food and non-food items during the month of Ramadan, with large discounts, high quality and large quantities that suffice the needs of the people of Port Said.

Minya: Ahmed Rady Taha, President of the Chamber of Commerce in Minya, opens today The main exhibition in the city of Minya, and that the Chamber will open the rest of the exhibitions that it holds in the cities of Mallawi, Bani Mazar, Abu Qurqas, Samalut and Maghagha next Saturday, where the Chamber decided to set up 6 exhibitions in the main cities of the governorate.
The Chamber of Commerce in Gharbia Governorate, headed by Dr. Salah Al-Kamouni, President of the Chamber of Commerce in Gharbia, has completed preparations for the opening of the “Welcome Ramadan” exhibition at the beginning of next week by opening a major exhibition in the city of Tanta with great discounts for all goods, in coordination with Dr. Tariq Rahmy Governor of Gharbia and Major General Hani Medhat, Director of Gharbia Security, and Brigadier General Walid Al-Isawy, Director of the Supply Investigation Department and member of the Board of Directors and Exhibition Committee of the Chamber of Commerce in Gharbia. I should not exaggerate the profit margin in the interest of citizens, especially in light of the atmosphere that resulted from the repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, which confirmed the instability in markets and supply chains, which requires full cooperation between all parties to get out of the crisis and alleviate the citizens

Al-Kamoni indicated that it was decided to form an operating room that works throughout the day in the room, similar to what happened in the Corona pandemic, intensifying efforts, following up on markets and prices, and submitting a report on the latest developments in it, the availability of goods and their prices, and facing any problem as soon as it occurs.


The Chamber of Commerce in Giza Governorate headed by Mohamed Imbabi organizes 5 exhibitions to receive the holy month. The main exhibition is scheduled to be on Faisal Street on an area of ​​

meters, and it will be opened at the beginning of next week. The other exhibitions that have been agreed upon will be in Al-Ayat, Badrashin, Al-Warraq and Awsim centers, and they will be opened successively during the next week.


The Chamber of Commerce headed by Muhammad Al-Khashin is setting up 7 outlets within the framework of the Welcome Ramadan exhibition series in the cities of Sirs El-Layan, Shebin El-Kom and Quesna. South Sinai:

Hisham Khudair, President of the South Sinai Chamber of Commerce, confirmed that the Chamber is in the process of completing the work. All preparations for the opening of the exhibition at the beginning of next week.

In the Beheira Governorate:

Fathi Morsi, President of the Chamber of Commerce in Beheira and Vice-President of the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce announced that the Chamber has organized seven major exhibitions for commodities. He also met with Major General Hisham Amna, Governor of the Lake, at the governorate’s general office to arrange for these exhibitions. Organizing seven major exhibitions during the coming period in cooperation with the governorate and the Directorate of Supply and Internal Trade in Beheira

Beni Suef:

The Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce of Beni Suef Governorate, headed by Hassan Jaafar, Secretary General, decided The General Federation of Chambers of Commerce, during its recent meeting, organized the Welcome Ramadan exhibition during the last week of this March. Mohamed Hany Ghoneim, Governor of Beni Suef, who will open it within days, as the exhibition aims to die Goods and food products at reduced prices during the holy month, as the discount rates will range between 50 and 50 %, as an agreement will be made with Exhibitors should have a simple profit margin because the exhibition is held to serve citizens and relieve their burdens, especially during the holy month of Ramadan, stressing that the exhibition will be subject to continuous monitoring of the prices of food commodities and meat, adding that the “Ahlan Ramadan” exhibition will open its doors to citizens as soon as the preparations are completed until the official opening of the exhibition in the presence of the governor;

Jaafar invited the members of the Council to an expanded meeting in the presence of representatives of the qualitative people to discuss the development plan of the Chamber and its facility, which includes all activities affiliated with the Chamber through the vision of each sector in proportion to the general development plan of the state of Egypt 2030.


The Chamber of Commerce in Soussi, headed by Mohamed El-Mallah, receives requests from merchants to join the Welcome Ramadan Exhibition, and it is expected to open at the beginning. next week .