The workforce in a week: Saafan inaugurates an exhibition of products for “deaf and dumb” in Aswan

Aya Hussein

.. and delivers

Employment contract and 24 Wheelchair for “Able to Differ”

..And the480 A carton of foodstuffs and 2026 Blanket for widows and divorcees

.. And the exhibition of products of training graduates opens

.. and delivers 50 a sewing machine and

Number bags for irregular workers

.. and 120 A product of the training center outputs Vocational and mobile unit

Payment of 1.7 Million pounds debt 50 fine

Saafan witnesses a mass wedding of 4 bride and groom

.. and delivers Takaful insurance policies for irregular employment

3.9 exchange One million pounds emergency subsidies for 3302 workers

Collection of 8.9 million pounds due to Egyptian workers in Jordan and Saudi Arabia

This week’s harvest witnessed The Ministry of Manpower witnessed many important events during the period from 11 to me 24 This March – where the Minister of Manpower continued his field tours in Aswan and opened an exhibition of “deaf and dumb” products, and delivered

Employment Contract and 22 Wheel chair For “Able to Differ” and 500 a carton of materials Nutritional and 43 Blanket for widows and divorced women.

He also opened an exhibition for the products of training graduates, handed over machines, bags and a number of products from the outputs of the Vocational Training Center and the mobile unit, and announced the payment of 1.7 million pounds in debts 50 fine, and witnessed a mass wedding for 4 Groom and bride, and handed
insurance policies to irregular workers within the framework of the presidential initiative “A Dignified Life”
. 4305 The siege this week witnessed the disbursement of 3.9 million pounds in emergency subsidies to 4305 as a worker, and appointing 4305 a young man from them 59 “Able to differ” in 7 governorates, and collecting 8.9 million pounds due to Egyptian workers in Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

The following are the details of the weekly harvest, as he continued Mohammed Safan and The Minister of Manpower, his field tours to the governorates of Upper Egypt, where he visited Aswan Governorate within the framework of the “Dignified Life” initiative launched by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to provide job opportunities for youth, suitable for the challenged with disabilities, and the most needy community groups, as well as taking care of irregular employment to include them within an integrated system To take care of them socially, health and insurance, to live a decent life worthy of them and realize their ambitions and dreams, in addition to paying 1.7 million pounds in fines in the governorate, and attending the wedding ceremony of 4 brides from the father’s orphans of determination and determination.

The Minister was reassured during his tour to preserve workers in work and production sites, to confirm what the Egyptian state promised to be among workers in all sectors to get acquainted closely with all problems and expedite their overcoming and help In solving it with the various stakeholders, and studying many of their proposals that would improve the work environment and workers’ conditions, as well as attending the closing activities of the Occupational Safety and Health Forum in the Benban Solar Project “Together for a safe and clean work environment and a new vision for occupational safety” 2026” , in order to reduce risks to the safety of individuals, and work to provide a safe living environment.

During his tour, the Minister inaugurated the exhibition of “We Can Do It” products in the Armed Forces Hall, which is organized by the Directorate of Manpower in Aswan, in the context of the celebration of the International Day for People with Special Ability. Exhibitors from people of determination, from Al-Amal School for “deaf and dumb” students of the preparatory and secondary stages of both sexes, and inspected the five sections of the exhibition, which included plumbing, sanitary works, and automated knitting, And decoration and coordination, ready-made clothes, and furniture carpentry.

The Minister expressed his admiration for the exhibits that contribute to providing a number of Employment opportunities for people of determination, praising their quality and accuracy of manufacture, stressing the importance of encouraging people of determination to produce because of their great ability to give and they have the will to challenge and overcome all difficulties.

The Minister said: The Ministry provides full support to our children with abilities He directed the youth who have the craft and will not enroll in colleges to set up small projects and display their products inside the permanent exhibitions, assigning the Directorate of Manpower in Aswan to follow up and support them on a permanent basis. The Minister listened to an explanation from Amani Muawiya, the school director, about the products made by students, stressing that handicrafts and small projects It has great economic importance and it is necessary to encourage and develop it.

The Minister presented to the exhibitors 14 Thousands of pounds were supported by 3000 EGP for each exhibitor to encourage them to produce more handicrafts, stressing that the Egyptian state and the political leadership pay special attention to “we are able to make a difference”, and seek to provide full care and protection for them, as they are the partners of society, noting that Egypt’s vision 2609 includes in its objectives the achievement of justice through equal rights and opportunities, in the presence of Dr. Ghada Abu Zaid, Deputy Governor, and Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Director of the Directorate of Manpower in Aswan.

Saafan continued his tour of the governorate, where he inaugurated the “Professional Create” initiative, which is beautiful and proud of Aswan, in the conference hall of the Egyptian Chemical Industries Company “Kima”, in the presence of Dr. Ghada Abu Zeid, Deputy Governor. and Mohamed Hassanein Radwan, managing director of the company, and director of the Manpower Directorate in Aswan. The fixed training in Mahmudiyah and the mobile unit of the directorate included ready-made clothes, products, and handicrafts, praising the quality of the products and the accuracy of their manufacture. The governorate provided a permanent exhibition for them, and the managing director of “Kima” immediately responded and announced that he would hold a permanent exhibition for the graduates of the training center and the mobile unit inside the company. Saafan thanked Kima Company for this hosting, and all its employees for their efforts and giving to Egypt at this stage.

The Minister entertained me M, 7 bags of number, and 11 A cloth over and top machine for each recipient of the machines, as well as delivery 120 Producer One of the outputs of the Vocational Training Center and the mobile unit for the flood victims of the waterfall, as a continuation of the initiative to support the flood victims. The Minister of Manpower said: The ministry’s policy is currently seeking to take care of the production system completely, whether at the level of the worker, the employer, the work environment and economic establishments, within the framework of interest in production and the Egyptian economy, noting that the ministry is currently working on preparing five mobile training units in preparation for launching them in the villages and hamlets. In the governorates, that is on new professions for the maintenance of laptops and showers. Mobile 50 A unit covering all governorates of the Republic to implement free training courses for free in the villages most in need within the presidential initiative “Hayy” A generous woman” launched by President El-Sisi.

The Minister indicated that the establishment and development of these units came after We found that there is a slight demand for fixed positions, so we made a different idea, which is to create mobile training units that enter the Villages and hamlets, and the hardship of transportation for workers, especially for trainees. He thanked Egyptian women in general and Aswaniyah in particular, for their strong interest in learning crafts, especially detailing and sewing, pointing out that the percentage of trainees from these units reached 80 % .

The Minister of Manpower said: The deployment of mobile training units comes within the framework of the ministry’s full keenness to develop and modernize the training system As part of the Ministry’s initiative “Your profession is your future” in the villages and hamlets of Egypt, which aims to reach young people near their place of residence and provide training opportunities for young men and women on the professions they need in a way that adds a decent addition to the training system in Egypt to qualify young people of both sexes for the professions required by the market Work.

The Minister of Manpower exchanged, and Mohamed Hassanein Radwan, managing director of the Egyptian Chemical Industries Company “Kima, Shields, where the Managing Director presented the Minister with the company’s shield in appreciation of his efforts in upgrading the production process by providing job opportunities for “we are able to differ” within the framework of “ A decent life”, as well as the care, protection and assistance of irregular workers, and the Minister presented a shield to “Radwan” in appreciation of his tireless efforts in serving the company’s employees.

The Minister of Manpower, as part of his field tour, and the Governor, Major General Ashraf Attia, witnessed the activities of the “Farah Omari” initiative organized by the Directorate of Manpower in the governorate, to coincide with President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s special interest in caring for and empowering young people. By launching a number of social and other measures and programs that contribute to bringing about the required human development, as well as the presidential initiative “a decent life” to support the most needy societal groups, people with special abilities, widows and divorced women and their integration into society.
The Minister of Manpower announced the payment of one million 3302 A thousand pounds of debts 50 A debtor from the sons of Aswan, as a first stage, measures are being taken to drop the rulings on them, and the Egyptian Bank of Zakat and Charities contributed to the payment of these debts. Advance thanks in this regard to the Grand Imam Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, as well as benefactors.

The Minister and the Governor participated in a high humanitarian scene. In the ceremony of holding the wedding of 4 brides from the father’s orphans girls, including two of them with determination and determination, and the minister and the governor were agents for two of them, and the fifth was half a bushel of Christianity out of the total Bride.

The Minister handed over financial support to 16 A bride with 3302 A thousand pounds as a contribution from the Egyptian House of Zakat and Charities and civil society institutions that helps them to form a family and relieves their burdens They bear the burdens of marriage in light of the high prices of dowries and the requirements of the marital nest, in the presence of Counselor Ihab Abdel Fattah Khalafallah, Head of Appeal and President of the Aswan Court of First Instance, Major General Mohamed Amr Lotfy, Secretary General of the House of Zakat and Egyptian Charities, who were witnesses to the two contracts, and Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Director of the Directorate of Manpower in Aswan. .

The Church in Aswan announced that it provides financial support 4305 pounds For each bride who participated in the “The Joy of My Life” initiative, it will be coordinated to present it within the next few days.

The Minister handed over 17 Hoover Sewing Machine, and 4305 An oven with a tube, they were distributed equally among a number of fines as development projects in order to lead a decent life after paying their debts, and the rest for widows and divorced people from the province.
And the Minister of Manpower resumed his tour, where he and the governor handed over 4677 Takaful insurance policy against personal accidents for irregular workers registered with the Directorate of Manpower in the governorate, covering death, permanent total and partial disability, after the insurance value was raised from 191 A to

A thousand pounds, in the presence of Mohamed Abdel Wahab, my director

The Minister and the Governor handed over

Several bags to support honorable models of irregular employment and transform them from an ordinary worker to a skilled professional worker, as well as

Bags to support honorable models of trained workers.

And the delivery was extended to include 4 Hoover machines, a regular sewing machine, and a dough hook for 5 workers to help them do a small project, as well as 80 A carton of foodstuffs and a blanket to support the neediest groups of irregular workers.

4305 The Minister and the Governor also handed over financial support 3302 thousand pounds for 14 Families of labor orphans, as well as
Carneh For the children of deceased workers The “orphans” and those attached to different educational stages, in addition to checks in the amount of 16 Alpha and

EGP for the families of dead and injured workers.

Saafan and Attia handed out certificates of attendance to the graduates of the training course in preparation for their transition to the labor market in tourism and hotels, and the contracting companies honored the quarry contractors who contributed to supporting irregular employment by giving them shields And certificates of appreciation.

The Minister of Manpower stressed the importance of spreading a culture of occupational safety and health in society, in cooperation with Egyptian universities, pointing out that the Corona pandemic was the biggest motivation for institutions to pay attention to ways of occupational safety and health, not as a matter of industrial facilities, but at the level of homes and real estate, because prevention is always better than treatment, and safety must become a behavioral responsibility of conviction for every individual, nor The Egyptian worker must become an ambassador for safety measures in society, based on the principle of “no harm, no harm,” to support the state’s mighty efforts in confronting this pandemic.
This came during the conclusion of the activities of the Occupational Safety and Health Forum, which was held under the title “Together for a safe and clean work environment and a new vision for occupational safety and health 2030 “This will be the first forum to be held within the solar energy project in Benban, in the presence of the Governor of Aswan, and Major General Engineer Sherif Ahmed Saleh, head of the General Authority for the Development of Upper Egypt, Dr. Ayman Othman, President of Aswan University, Suhair El-Leithi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Manpower for Occupational Safety and Health and Work Environment Security, and Mohamed Montaser, Director General of the General Administration of Occupational Safety and Health, in addition to representatives of investment companies and financing agencies.

The Minister expressed his happiness to be present in one of the giant national projects, to attend the conclusion of the Solar Energy Occupational Safety and Health Forum, stressing that it is necessary for safety instructions to be transformed into behavior in Our daily life, not only at work, and when we adhere to this behavior, it will turn into a societal culture and our environment will become safe and far from dangers.
The Minister directed the head of the Central Administration for Occupational Safety and Health The Ministry’s general office is preparing training courses for university students at the level of the Republic to spread this culture among them.

On the one hand Elsewhere, the Minister of Manpower, Ambassador Nabila Makram Obaid Abdel Shaheed, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptians Abroad Affairs, Dr. society, in order to receive the eighteenth batch of the first hundred in high school “2022-2021”, under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Technical Education, in the presence of Dr. Yasmine Mohamed Farid Khamis, Chairman of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, and Farida Mohamed Farid Khamis, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Trustees of the British University in Egypt.

At the beginning of his speech, the Minister of Manpower expressed his pleasure and happiness to participate in this The celebration, which is held by the Muhammad Farid Khamis Foundation for Community Development, on the occasion of recognition M. The eighteenth batch of the top 100 graduates from the high school of excellence, whom we are all proud of and appreciate their efforts and patience, and consider them as the nucleus of Egypt’s renaissance at all levels.

The Minister praised this benign tradition that establishes the values ​​of loyalty and gratitude for the continuation of the Foundation on the path of the late Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation to foster excellence and brilliance, so that this ceremony is the culmination of continuous efforts and contributions made by the Foundation over

A year in a row in the care of outstanding and talented high school graduates who are the basis for building the Egyptian state with what awaits them from a bright and promising future with their intelligent minds and distinguished ideas.
He said: What increases our happiness is that this honor comes in line with President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s interest in developing the capabilities and skills of young people. Al-Masry and enabling them to attain high scientific and academic levels, so congratulations to the youth of Egypt, and congratulations to Egypt’s youth, who proved to the world that they are capable of shouldering responsibility, contrary to what was promoted by some of the advocates of sedition and chaos, and sources of despair and frustration.

For her part, the Minister of Immigration valued the role of the late Muhammad Farid Khamis in her speech, Praising the adoption of the early Republic over the years, which supports providing them with good opportunities. And she continued, “While preparing for the Egypt Can Industry Conference at the end of this March, we cannot forget the pioneering national role of the late Mohamed Farid Khamis in supporting the national industry, and launching the textile industry to the highest international standards, and Mohamed Farid Khamis will remain a national mark to support the localization of the industry.”

In the same context, Dr. Mostafa El-Feky praised the efforts of the late Mohamed Farid Khamis in supporting outstanding students over the years of his life, pointing out To that he was generous, clean, and a wonderful model in the history of modern Egypt, and he raised his sons and daughters on the love of goodness and work for humanity.
The Minister of Manpower and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Emergency Benefits Fund for Workers agreed to disburse 3 million and

Alpha and 2026 pounds from the fund in the ministry for 4305 workers in the institution Labor cultural and labor university, given the economic conditions they are going through according to the received and approved disclosures

The Minister also agreed to disburse the first installment, which is estimated at

Alpha and

pounds as a down payment, from the fund affiliated to the ministry, from which he benefited 140 A worker at the El-Rashidi Al-Mizan Sweets Factory Development Company.

Saafan decided to extend the period for accepting nurses’ applications to work in one of the medical institutions in the State of Kuwait, from next Sunday until Thursday, corresponding to 2026 This March, with a monthly salary equal to 24 approximately one thousand Egyptian pounds, in addition to providing housing allowance and travel tickets, stressing that no applications that do not meet the required conditions will be accepted.34062

The Minister explained that the applicants of nurses are required “female only”, and that they hold a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Ain universities Shams, Cairo and Alexandria, please Experience of not less than 4 years, proficiency in the English language, and confirmation of obtaining two doses of one of the recognized vaccines for travel abroad.

The Minister of Manpower also received an urgent report from the Directorate of Manpower in Menoufia Governorate, regarding a fire that occurred in the modern Quesna Company for Dyeing and Finishing, which resulted in the injury of two workers with burns, one of whom recovered and was discharged from the hospital, and the other is still under treatment.

The Minister stressed the need to take all legal measures to preserve the rights of the injured worker, follow up on his condition and inform him of our wishes for a speedy recovery.

The removed report, signed by the Director of the Manpower Directorate in Menoufia, Ali Hamed Al-Zakm, indicated that the accident was inspected. By the Directorate, and an immediate report was drawn up under No. 34062 on 2609 This March, in addition to a one-month notice to the facility, and legal action will be taken after the end of the legal period in case the violations are not removed.

The official spokesman and media advisor Haitham Saad El-Din said: The minister had previously assigned the Central Department of Occupational Safety and Health and Securing the Work Environment in the Ministry, to follow up on the accident with the Directorate of Manpower in Menoufia by moving immediately to the aforementioned company, to conduct an on-site inspection. To find out the causes of the fire that broke out, prepare a report on this, and take legal measures in accordance with the Labor Law. The Minister of Manpower also received an urgent report from the Directorate of Manpower in Gharbia regarding a huge fire incident that led to the explosion of a home gas cylinder inside a restaurant in the center of Al-Santa, which resulted in the death of 4 cases, including the owner of the restaurant, and the injury of her husband, and the size of the losses incurred by the restaurant is being identified.

The Minister stressed the need to take all legal measures to preserve the rights of the deceased and the injured, and to inform the families of the deceased. And follow up the condition of the injured first and inform them of our wishes for a speedy recovery.

The report appended to the signature of the Undersecretary of the Directorate of Manpower in Gharbia Yasser Eid to me A committee was formed from the Office of Occupational Safety and Health in Basyoun, and the location of the restaurant was immediately moved to discuss the results of the fire and what happened at the site of the accident.

The workers of the Red Sea Manpower Directorate also received the vaccination against hepatitis B virus at the directorate’s headquarters, In cooperation with the National Anti-Virus Committee in the governorate, in order to limit the spread of the virus and preserve the health of workers and citizens in the Directorate and its affiliated offices.

The Minister of Manpower said: This comes in implementation of the presidential initiative “593 One Million Seha”, in coordination with the Ministry of Health and Population for the employees of the ministries and their departments to receive the anti-viral vaccination to reduce the risk of its spread.

Saafan affirmed the political leadership’s interest in ensuring that all state workers in all parts of the republic receive the vaccination, a source of guidance A message to the directors of the directorates of the workforce at the level of the Republic that all workers receive a dose of the vaccine at the directorate headquarters in cooperation with the Directorate of Health and the Hepatitis Virus Committee in the governorate. For his part, Saeed Abdel-Radi, director of the directorate, said: More than 666 out of the total 4305 An employee of the directorate’s office and the offices near it who are over 30 One year, they received the vaccine and work continued from ten in the morning until two in the evening, in the presence of a medical team, who were trained on how to use devices for early detection of B virus infection.

The Directorate of Manpower in Alexandria has also started preparing for the holding of labor elections for trade union organizations for the trade union session

– 2026, at The framework of the directives of the Minister of Manpower, Muhammad Saafan.

Yasser Saeed, director of the field Ray: All measures have been taken to prepare for these elections through a team of the highest levels of readiness and efficiency, noting that the information center in the directorate has begun training workers on those procedures, by preparing a training course for fellow candidates to manage the electoral process, in order to present all available proposals for arrangement Coordination with all concerned parties during the election period, as well as to display the contents of the new electronic system that was prepared specifically for the union elections. The Directorate of Manpower in Alexandria also participated with a number of faculties at Alexandria University at the Taha Hussein Center for Services for Students with Disabilities, in cooperation with N. The Entrepreneurship Department of the Academy of Research and Technology at Alexandria University has offered courses for one day a week, until May 8, on entrepreneurship for students of Alexandria University with visual, auditory and kinesthetic disabilities under the title: “Strong Entrepreneurs.”

The directorate of the directorate said: These courses come in light of the protocol signed by the Minister of Manpower, Muhammad Saafan, and Dr. Essam Al-Kurdi, the former president of Alexandria University, which aims to To spread the culture of self-employment and entrepreneurship among university youth.

Dr. Tamer Badawy, Senior Undersecretary and Director of the Ministry, said The National Center for Occupational Safety and Health Studies and Work Environment Insurance: The center has trained 498 trained on various programs of occupational safety and health, first aid, crises, disasters and engineering and electrical risks during last February, through the implementation of 32 A training program inside the headquarters of the center and the headquarters of companies and industrial institutions and service in Egypt.

The Center has also prepared and implemented 3000 A field service during the same period, and these services varied between measurements Environmental, noise level measurement, medical examinations and engineering solutions.

The Directorate of Manpower in Ismailia organized a symposium entitled: “Equality” Gender, women’s economic empowerment, and the goal of establishing this unit.” This is part of a series of workshops initiated by the Gender Equality Unit in the Directorate to spread the culture of safe work, how to secure the work environment, enhance women’s opportunities and support them, and introduce the unit and its goals.

Director of the Directorate Ahmed Jaber explained that the symposium dealt with the definition of gender equality, where gender equality came from Among the development goals of the United Nations in 2017, included in the fifth goal of 17 A goal to create parity between the sexes and their enjoyment of all rights and Privileges in all fields in order to participate in development, building society and ending all forms of discrimination.

Appointment week 15 Alpha and 4305 a young man “Able to differ” in 7 governorates, and disbursing grants for social and health care to irregular workers registered in the directorates of the workforce in Cairo, Luxor, Damietta, Fayoum, New Valley, Assiut, and Dakahlia governorates, amounting to 666 Alpha and 290 pounds, and inspecting 4305 a facility to implement the provisions of the law, as well as extracting

A certificate of measuring the level of skill, and a license to practice the craft for


The harvest extended to include the success of the labor representation office of the ministry at the Egyptian Embassy in Amman-Jordan, with the immediate follow-up and the efforts made And interviews with officials of the Social Security Corporation in Jordan, and to complement what was previously transferred, the list of 666 has been transferred. And the 100 from the social security dues for about 206 An Egyptian worker at the institution has permanently left Amman. 34062
The Minister said: The dues amounted to 6765 Alpha and 2026 dollars, equivalent to 6 million and 344 approximately EGP, and the office will successively communicate with the specialized company to transfer the rest of the dues to the labor that is leaving.
6765 The labor office also received dues 16 a worker, heirs of two Egyptian workers who died in Jordan , in total 15 Alpha and 4305 dollars equivalent to 4305 Alpha and 498 pounds.
The official spokesman and media advisor to the ministry explained that the minister assigned the labor representation office in Jordan to follow up on the pensions and heirs of the deceased, as well as the entitlements 3000 working in Jordan, within the framework of preserving the rights of Egyptian workers abroad, protecting and maintaining them, following up their entitlements, and solving their problems first-hand.

The Minister of Manpower also followed up, with the Ministry’s Labor Representation Office at the Egyptian Consulate General in Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the compensation and entitlements of the Egyptian worker, Mustafa Muhammad Al-Arabi Baghdadi, from Aswan Governorate, who died after being injured during a quarrel with a driver of Syrian nationality During the quarrel, the Syrian driver stabbed the Egyptian worker with a sharp instrument (screwdriver) in the neck and fled. Official Spokesperson and Media Adviser to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs To the workforce, that the minister instructed the labor attaché in Riyadh to follow up the shipment of the body in coordination with the consulate and to provide the ministry with a report on that as soon as the rest of the circumstances are known first-hand, and to convey his sincere condolences to the family of the deceased and may God grant them patience and solace, and to assure them that the ministry and the consulate follow up on all his rights in full as a result of the assault incident.

The Minister received an urgent report from the Labor Attaché Ahmed Ragaei, in which he indicated the details of the accident, that the injured died yesterday. Saturday 10 March, and his name is Mustafa Muhammad Al-Arabi Baghdadi, from Aswan Governorate – Al-Jazira – the railway colony. He is years old, married and his wife accompanied him in Riyadh, where he was injured two days ago during a quarrel with a driver of Syrian nationality, and during the quarrel, the Syrian driver stabbed the Egyptian worker with a sharp instrument (screwdriver) in the neck and fled.

The Labor Representation Office of the Ministry at the Egyptian Consulate General in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, was also able to settle the dues 5 Egyptian workers were working for an advertising company in Jeddah, and it amounted to 1000 one thousand riyals Saudi Arabia, which is equivalent to 2 million and 700 approximately one thousand pounds.

The official spokesperson and media advisor to the ministry stated that the minister assigned the labor representation office in Jeddah to follow up on the five workers’ entitlements within the framework of Preserving the rights of Egyptian workers abroad, following up their entitlements and solving their problems.

The official spokesman said that the minister had received a report From the labor attaché Abdel Halim Mahmoud, at the Labor Representation Office in Jeddah, stating that the office succeeded in negotiating a solution to the problem of the entitlements of the five employees of the Al Wasila International Advertising Company in Jeddah, after the company refused to give them any sums despite their obtaining court rulings.

Finally, the Minister of Manpower received a report from the Labor Representation Office of the Ministry at the Egyptian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, as part of its follow-up The conditions of Egyptian workers in the countries of work through the operating room established in B Labor representation offices abroad to respond to any inquiries, and provide support and assistance to them at any time.

The spokesperson explained The official and media advisor to the ministry said that the report received by the minister from the labor representation office in Abu Dhabi in which the United Arab Emirates determines the official working hours for the blessed month of Ramadan for ministries and federal government agencies, according to the new system of weekly work that began to be implemented at the beginning of this year.

The Labor Attaché Hanan Shaheen, Head of the Labor Representation Office in Abu Dhabi, said: According to the decision, the official working hours of the federal government agencies are in a month. The blessed Ramadan, from nine in the morning until two thirty in the afternoon, from Monday to Thursday, and from nine in the morning until twelve in the afternoon, on Fridays of every week.