EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE succeeds in renewing the accreditation of the European Aviation Safety Agency “EASA”

Iman Al-Wasili

20220318 In the framework of the directives of the Minister of Civil Aviation of the necessity of obtaining accreditations In order to ensure the continuity of providing services to customers with the highest level of efficiency, EgyptAir Company for Maintenance and Technical Works has succeeded in renewing the accreditation of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) “EASA” after passing all the inspections conducted by the European Agency on all work sites In the company at Cairo Airport.

This came within the framework of the periodic follow-up carried out by international civil aviation safety authorities on the company to ensure that the company is followed The highest standards of safety and quality so that EgyptAir Maintenance and Technical Works succeed in renewing the accreditation of “IASA” for the seventeenth year in a row, thus contributing to maintaining the customer base from outside EgyptAir and attracting more of them. ) 20220318 EASA inspections included audits of technical records The inspection included a review of all the company’s technical activities from the legislation implementation system in the General Administration of Quality and Safety and periodic maintenance activities for aircraft in Hangar 7000, Hangar 8000, and the complex for engine maintenance and daily maintenance activities for aircraft in the foreign companies’ service department, in addition to the complex for maintenance of mechanical units, overhauling equipment, and reviewing the complex of stores of spare parts, tools and machines. A technical test was also conducted for a number of workers, both in their respective fields, to ensure compliance with the technical standards and the works they are entrusted with their implementation and to ensure compliance with the quality documents accompanying these works in accordance with the legislation. For his part, Pilot Amr Aboul-Enein, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Holding Company for EgyptAir, congratulated the employees of the EgyptAir Maintenance and Technical Works Company for their success in passing the inspection of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for the seventeenth year in a row, and thanked them. Appreciation for their honorable efforts This confirms their capabilities, competence and entitlement to the trust granted to them, stressing that the human element is the real capital of the company and that EgyptAir depends on the energies of its children in implementing its ambitious plans. Engineer Yahya Zakaria, Chairman of the Board of Directors of EgyptAir Maintenance and Technical Works, confirmed during his meeting with European inspectors that the company works in accordance with international legislation within a framework of full commitment to the basic elements of quality and safety in order to raise the value of the service provided and reduce the time required to provide service at affordable prices. competitiveness to reach the top it deserves among aircraft maintenance and overhaul companies in light of the company’s enjoyment of the capabilities that qualify it, explaining that the role of inspection comes to support this path by ensuring the efficiency of individuals, procedures and infrastructure and that the company is on the right path towards its goal, which was confirmed by the inspectors by saying that The inspection aims to assist the company in maintaining the distinguished technical level and its conformity with the procedures stipulated by the bodies regulating the maintenance and overhaul of aircraft to achieve the company’s vision and objectives. He explained that the renewal of credits countries Which enables EgyptAir Maintenance to provide technical services to more than 2022 airlines in Europe, Asia and Africa, which means success in competing strongly in this delicate field that It requires a distinguished technical level that satisfies customers and achieves the highest levels of safety and quality in accordance with the legislation. The company has achieved successes that were built on firm foundations and rules and were achieved with the determination and effort of the loyal workers. The performance of the workers was a path of appreciation for the EASA inspectors who praised the company’s capabilities and the extent of the employees’ commitment and their awareness of the sensitivity and importance of safety and quality elements during the implementation of the work, stressing that the goal is Commitment to international standards, expansion of accreditations, raising awareness and intensifying training to expand the scope of technical services.