The Noble Qur’an Complex celebrates its coverage of all countries of the South American continent

Aya Hussain

2022 The Holy Quran Complex in Sharjah celebrated today at its headquarters on the occasion of its coverage of all The countries of the South American continent, and on this occasion the complex organized an event attended by His Excellency Sheikh Sherzad Abdul Rahman Taher, Secretary-General of the Council and the eminent scholars, professors and sheikhs of the Council. Serving the Noble Qur’an and its Sciences, as the complex currently covers a country, and Sheikh Sherzad said that these achievements would not have been achieved without the care and support of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, who has been giving the complex great care and attention. Sheikh Sherzad also praised the efforts of the department of polarization and international relations at the complex, scholars and professors and their hard work, stressing that the work of the complex is going in the spirit of one team, and Sheikh Sherzad indicated that the complex’s plan in the future is based on expanding The geographical area of ​​the countries covered by the complex and the development of a package of possibilities and solid scientific programs in order to enhance the skills of students and their scientific capabilities. Ms. Aisha Al-Ansari, Head of the Department of Attractiveness and International Relations, expressed her happiness with the arrival of the complex’s services to all countries of the South American continent, pointing to the related efforts to complement the rest of the countries of the Asian continent. She said that the credit, after God Almighty, goes to His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member/Ruler of Sharjah, the founder of this lofty edifice, which I ask God to put it in the balance of its good deeds. I also extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to His Excellency the President of the Society, Dr. Eng. Secretary-General Sheikh Sherzad Abdul Rahman Taher for preparing them for the appropriate environment for work and for their continuous support for the Department of Reciters and the Department of Special Education. Ms. Aisha Al-Ansari added that her administration follows a clear plan to ensure the quality of the reading process in terms of attracting the memorizers of the Book of God Almighty, to raise their level, increase their knowledge, and refine their performing skills, by a distinguished elite of qualified teachers and reciters with specialization.

2022 It is noteworthy that the Noble Qur’an Academy celebrated in July last year by covering all the countries of the African continent. 768