Abbas: The new cities have different levels of housing and services..and we won the UN-Habitat award

Aya Hussein

Eng. Khaled participated Abbas, Deputy Minister of Housing to Follow up on National Projects, in a session at Mipim Real Estate Exhibition, entitled Cities for Citizens

with each of the agent The Saudi Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the Mayor of Liverpool, and a consultant at UN-Habitat

The session was moderated by an editor and journalist at the Financial Times

and the explanation of Eng. Khaled Abbas is what the state, represented by the Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, is doing in constructing new cities, as Egypt is one of the oldest countries in establishing new cities. The first generation of new cities was established in 1979, and the New Urban Communities Authority is currently establishing the fourth generation of The new cities, and this generation of cities are being planned and constructed to be smart cities.

The Deputy Minister of Housing added: These cities have different Standards of housing, educational and health services and quality of life are available in these cities, referring to the award given to the New Urban Communities Authority by UN-Habitat in establishing new cities, low-income housing, and providing quality of life for its residents.