Solidarity in a week..a report that monitors the activities of the Ministry of Social Solidarity in a week

Written by Eh Hussein

The Ministry of Social Solidarity reviews the activities and events carried out by Mrs. Nevin Al-Kabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity, as well as the various sectors of the Ministry during the period from March 11 to March 18, as we review the most prominent of them in the following report published by the official page of the Ministry of Social Solidarity on the communication site The social network “Facebook” through a video clip that monitors the most prominent of those activities, which came as follows:

• In the first event of its kind, the Egyptian Red Crescent establishes the first Egyptian relief service center at the “Sirit” crossing at the Romanian-Ukrainian border to receive stranded Egyptians and return them to the homeland.

• Social Solidarity is a strategic partner in the 12th Social Responsibility Forum in Luxor, in the presence of

participants and participation, including

a company, a bank and 2022 Civil Society.

• Kabbaj witnesses the signing of 5 cooperation protocols in the sectors of decent housing, economic empowerment, health of Egyptian children, green social development, and raising the efficiency of NGOs in the field of environment and sustainable development.

• The Minister of Solidarity delivers a speech at the fourth annual conference of the College of International Affairs and Public Policies at the American University.

• “Waa’i” program holds a public meeting in Al-Asmarat neighborhood to enhance community awareness and modify negative behaviors in developed cities as an alternative to slums.

• The Anti-Addiction Fund holds training workshops for students of institutes and nursing colleges on the mechanisms of early detection of addiction and how to deal with pathological cases.

• Al-Kabbaj directed the Central Rapid Intervention Team at the Ministry of Social Solidarity to quickly rescue homeless citizens, including a woman and a child.

• Al-Kabbaj meets with representatives of 20 a partner civil society to discuss mechanisms for implementing and developing housing units, within the framework of a series of expanded meetings regarding decent housing within the presidential initiative A Dignified Life.

• The Minister of Solidarity chairs the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Rural Industries Support Fund.

Social Solidarity participates in launching a study on “The Impact of Early Childhood Care in Daycares on Women’s Participation in the Labor Market” prepared by the Abdul Latif Jameel Center at the American University for Combating Poverty.

• Under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister, the Minister of Solidarity participates in the meeting of the follow-up committee on the repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis on the internal situation, availability of products and price control in the markets.

• The Ministry of Solidarity is intensifying coordination with the directors of the directorates of social solidarity at the level of the Republic to follow up work on the presidential program “A Dignified Life.”

• Nasser Social Bank offers the highest return rate on savings certificates, savings accounts, investment current accounts, and a portfolio of return certificates amounting to 2.8 billion Egyptian pounds.

• The Minister of Solidarity visits Gharbia Governorate and begins her visit by meeting the Governor and handing over 1000 a beehive to families benefiting from solidarity to seek their graduation from production support.

• The activities of the “Able to Differ” initiative are launched in Egyptian universities from the campus of Tanta University in partnership with University President Dr. Mahmoud Zaki and inaugurated the new headquarters of the Social Solidarity Unit.

• The Minister of Solidarity lays the foundation stone for the establishment of a model center to rehabilitate and develop the skills of people of determination, which provides its services to the people of the central Delta governorates.

• Al-Kabbaj participates in a video conference with the UNICEF regional office on the efficiency and effectiveness of social spending in the Arab countries.

• The Minister of Social Solidarity receives the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management of the State of South Sudan..and discusses ways to provide support and cooperation to the brothers to rebuild the state and protect and empower the most caring families.

• Al-Kabbaj implements the directives of the political leadership directing full humanitarian and social support to South Sudan and begins directing urgent support to the State of South Sudan through the Egyptian Red Crescent in response to the urgent humanitarian demands.

• In cooperation with the League of Arab States and the Technical Secretariat of the Council of Arab Ministers of Social Affairs, Social Solidarity is holding an Arab workshop on “Protecting Persons with Disabilities” in times of emergency, crises and epidemics.

• The participation of the Addiction Control and Treatment Fund’s successful experiences within the activities of the World Police Summit in the UAE, in the presence of 150 executive leadership from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.


• The National Center for Social and Criminal Research concludes the training program “Modern Techniques for Detecting and Combating Crime” in partnership with the General Intelligence, the Ministries of Social Solidarity and Justice, the Ministry of Health, the State Cases Authority and the Forensic Medicine Authority.

• Al-Kabbaj ESCWA participates via video conference in the closing session of the “Arab Forum for Sustainable Development” held in Lebanon.

• The Minister of Solidarity participates in launching the Egyptian Impact Measurement Laboratory to promote evidence-based policies and improve development outcomes in Egypt.

• Social Solidarity intensifies field verification visits to Takaful and Karama beneficiaries, and completes the issuance of “meeza” cards for all beneficiaries within the framework of financial inclusion policies for all citizens.

• Social Solidarity begins examining the data of post-care graduates to begin handing over housing units in early April 2022.