The Military Technical College signs a cooperation protocol with Tanta University

Aya Hussein

The Military Technical College signed a cooperation protocol with Tanta University in the presence of Director of the Military Technical College, a number of faculty members, the President of Tanta University, and a number of faculty members at Tanta University, within the framework of the keenness of the General Command of the Armed Forces to exchange scientific and practical experiences and support research activities. )

The protocol included cooperation to benefit from the capabilities of the two parties to implement applied research to support the transfer and marketing of technologies, participation in scientific conferences and workshops, and implementation of applied research projects and technology research, as well as graduation projects for students and graduate studies.

The protocol aims to achieve scientific and research cooperation between them and to exchange experiences and scientific, laboratory and educational capabilities in the various engineering fields and to exchange attendance at training courses The short

The Military Technical College is considered one of the most important and ancient scientific edifices in the armed forces, which is entrusted with the work of graduating and qualifying engineering officers to work in its various organs, and Tanta University is considered one of the distinguished public universities, which always strives to be a leader in the fields of education and scientific research.