The Society of Engineers in the Emirates unveils the “Engineering Excellence and Creativity Award”

The Society of Engineers in the Emirates unveiled the Engineering Excellence and Creativity Award = AT3MOsbPREKYoQoWSdwxnfuPKe-8PyErm_zeLkhE3QRXc4c3CgnuvPQngZaQhAZntH-xXRee5e 79 NtjmMrNbqsmqhS3yDrYncOIcFgulJpmHPVdbm4i7xXnFbxNHnzjZaerEwZeIHSGJxcpo6JySVD5KyLvgn9AzN6S5yA_kUcYgOIU “rel =” nofollow noopener “role =” link “tabindex =” 0 “target =” _blank “> https: // ecea .ae/ In a huge ceremony held at the Dubai International Exhibition and Convention Center, attended by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association, its members and high-level representatives of decision-makers and engineering workers from the public and private sectors.

The Engineering Excellence and Creativity Award launched by the Society is considered its first awards in the engineering field, which aims to motivate engineering companies and individual engineers to Innovation and creativity, developing their business and consolidating the leading position of the UAE on the map of engineering sectors in the world. The award also sheds light on the best innovative engineering practices and activating their role in the development of engineering projects in various fields such as electricity, mechanics, architecture and others, to keep pace with the pace of urban growth. Once in the country, which contributes to the progress and prosperity of the engineering field, by noting the winning projects and the pioneering and innovative ideas in the engineering fields.

Addressing the press conference to launch the award, Eng. Abdullah Yousef Al Ali, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Society of Engineers in the Emirates, said: “This award that we are launching today comes in implementation of the vision of the Emirates , which considers innovation as an element of the national axes that fall under the title “United in Knowledge”, which seeks to achieve a knowledge-based, diversified and flexible economy led by skilled Emirati competencies, and reinforced by the best expertise to ensure the long-term prosperity of the UAE. This award is awarded based on merit and to acknowledge and praise the role of those who deserve it for their ingenuity and hard work, and to distinguish them from their competitors by presenting engineering innovations.

We are pleased to launch the Engineering Excellence and Creativity Award, which will be launched in its first phase within the United Arab Emirates, and there is a plan to expand its scope to include the participation of different countries of the world at a later period.”

Al Ali added: “The engineering sector is witnessing an accelerating pace of progress in various disciplines, especially those related to the industrial revolution and artificial intelligence, and the culmination of great success and achievements. achieved by the United Arab Emirates in the year 2021, the most prominent of which was the successful launch of the Hope Probe, the first Arab probe to explore the planet Mars, and the opening of the Expo 2021 Dubai, we are pleased to announce the launch of the first cycle of the Engineering Excellence and Creativity Award.”

He added Al Ali: “This award comes to reflect the association’s new strategy for the coming period, which keeps pace with the future challenges of the engineering sector and develops the capabilities of professions.” Designing and providing advisory services to government and private agencies, in addition to setting standards and guidelines for digital technology to enhance the spirit of innovation and creativity in the engineering field, and to enhance scientific cooperation between engineers locally, in the Gulf and globally.

The award reflects the Society’s keenness to encourage excellence and innovation and keep pace with development in all engineering fields. The prestigious engineering awards target work teams, institutions, individuals and projects in all technical disciplines, fields and job grades in the engineering community within the UAE.

Al Ali added: “Since innovation and creativity have become an important factor in the success of engineering institutions and individual engineers at the present time, it is our pleasure to listen to these groups to recount the experiences and distinguished services they provided to their clients that contribute to the establishment of Infrastructure that improves the quality of life and supports the economy as well as laying the foundations for future growth.”

(And Al Ali added: “From high-efficiency design to resource development and environmental stewardship, engineering firms put their expertise into a variety of projects that often go unnoticed, or happen behind the scenes.)

This award is not limited to providing the opportunity to learn about the valuable contributions that engineers make to local communities, but rather it presents these distinguished works and achievements on a platform National.

and m From this point of view, the Engineering Innovation and Excellence Award in all its categories seeks to achieve many goals represented in highlighting the importance of national engineering work, supporting the spirit of competition, creativity, leadership and excellence in various fields of engineering work to keep pace with the wheel of continuous global development, in addition to stimulating national engineering competencies for development, creativity and leadership And spreading and encouraging a culture of excellence, creativity and innovation in all engineering projects.”

In addition to that. In its various categories, the award targets engineering companies, individuals and projects to evaluate high quality, innovation and technical excellence during the project implementation cycle, starting from the concept of design to engineering and construction and their significant contribution to society and the environment.

Prize winners are selected by an independent jury whose members have in-depth knowledge and experience in various fields of engineering. Entrants to this year’s awards will have the opportunity to showcase any past, current or future projects, and recognition is given to the influential players in the sector who form the backbone of the engineering field and work day in and day out to build a better future.

It is noteworthy that the award organizers have identified seven categories in which the competition will take place. The award includes two branches: legal persons, which are represented by engineering offices, institutions, companies, departments, and individual prizes that target creative individuals. The awards for legal persons include the award for the leading engineering project, the corporate award for the best engineering consultancy company and the award for the best contracting company. As for the individual prizes for individuals who are creative in invention, discovery or engineering development, they include the Pioneering Personality Award, the Distinguished Engineer Award, the Future Engineer Award, in addition to the Distinguished Student Award.

Specialists have confirmed that the awards will support the growth of the economy, as they will directly or indirectly create a more competitive advantage within the engineering field, paving the way for the creation of a comprehensive creative and innovative platform that stimulates the private sector and local industry


In the conclusion of his speech, Eng. Al Ali said: “The motive behind launching this The prestigious awards is a celebration of excellence and all that is good for humanity. We value human achievement out of our belief in the ability to create and innovate through motivation and encouragement. In conclusion, we affirm our keenness in the association’s board of directors to provide all forms of support for initiatives that constitute a real addition to the association, enhance our dependence on national cadres and contribute greatly to the advancement of engineering work in the country.