Delmar Group announces the establishment of the DPG architectural glass factory with a value of 600 million pounds

Eh Hussein

Today, Delmar Industrial Group, one of the largest industrial castles in Egypt, announced the establishment of a factory “DPG” for Architectural and Flat Glass.

It is the latest project of the group in the industrial zone in Sixth of October City, with investments amounting to One million pounds and equipped with the latest European and international machines.
Mahmoud Haroun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Delmar Industrial Group, said that the group has a great history in producing all aluminum sectors with all its inclusions and components that are supplied to the largest architectural projects inside and outside Egypt, such as the projects of the administrative capital, El Alamein City, New Mansoura, New Valley, Cairo Airport and malls
He continued, and our products are approved by the most important offices and consulting houses of expertise in Egypt until we have now reached to become the largest integrated entity for the manufacture of aluminum, glass and cladding, and during the last period the company increased its investment and production volume from two factories in the year Until we reached six factories now and the number of employees reaches 3000 workers.
Added, and we are currently planning to increase Hajj The amount of investments is about 87% during the next five years, and all this is thanks to political and economic stability What the country is witnessing and the state’s keenness to support industrial developers. Several, including Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Sudan, Nigeria, Angola, Kenya, Ethiopia, as well as in South America to Brazil and Canada in North America and the European Union markets, stressing that the Egyptian market is one of the most important current markets in the Middle East, due to the size of the major projects that are being established, especially with the current stability and what the state offers to investors One of the special advantages of industrial investors to stimulate and develop industrial production. Today we announce the establishment of the Delmar Factory for Flat and Architectural Glass “DPG” with investments amounting to million pounds, which contains the highest technologies in the glass industry in the world to produce the largest sizes of flat glass with a production capacity of A thousand flat meters per month in a phase On the other hand, he said that this volume will double or triple over the next year. Hossam Habib, General Manager of the (DPG) Factory for the Production of Architectural Glass: The factory is built on an area of ​​87 A thousand square meters, inside the industrial complex of Delmar Group, with the most advanced production lines in the world from major international companies such as Finland and German cutting machines as well as Austria and others to supply a product with standard technical specifications.

He continued, “In addition to our selection of technical human cadres at the highest level of training in the world, as for the heat treatments of the products, we contracted and actually received the first oven Heat treatment is the most advanced in the world and the first of its kind in Egypt, as well as the best rinsing and cutting machines so that we have the best types of equipment and devices that can guarantee a distinguished final product that conforms to the highest quality standards.

Habib emphasized: We in (DPG) work according to several goals, including meeting the requirements of the local market of this distinctive quality of architectural glass products with access To a good export share in the regional and African markets to emphasize the strength of the “DPG” brand inside Egypt and then go to the global market, so we are currently studying several export markets to identify the size and quality of their requirements for glass, such as the European market, West and East Europe, Latin America and some projects, all the way to the Canadian market

He pointed out that there is a main point we are working on, which is the strong commitment to production according to the highest standards. International quality, which is what we are doing at the present time by communicating with major international scientific bodies so that from the first day we have the ingredients for production according to the highest quality certificates such as ISO and the environment and safety certificate.

He explained, and we are currently planning to produce glass. Energy production cells are installed on the roofs of buildings to contribute to reducing energy consumption. We are also working to recycle the water used in the manufacture, treatment and use of some types of glass. Materials that are compatible with the environment.