Pharco launches Molnobrava, the latest anti-viral drug

A. Hussain

The European Egyptian Company for Pharmaceutical Industries – one of the companies of the Pharco Pharmaceutical Group – launched the drug Molnoprava, which is the latest Antivirals intended for the treatment of corona cases.

Thus, “Pharco” becomes one of the first national companies that began manufacturing medicine in the local market and supplying it to hospitals treating Corona patients. The company began preparing for this drug 4 months ago when it obtained a license to manufacture the drug from abroad, which uses the active substance “molnopiravir” in its production. This is after the American Food and Drug Organization approved the effectiveness of the substance in increasing recovery rates from the Corona virus, especially for light and medium infections.

The circulation of medicine during the current period is limited to hospitals treating Corona patients.
This came during a press conference, held today, in the presence of a number of medical columns in Egypt and many public figures, most notably Dr. Muhammad Awad Taj El-Din, Advisor to the President of the Republic for Health and Prevention Affairs, and Dr. Tarek Safwat, President of the Association The Egyptian bronchial tree, and Dr. Jihan Al-Assal, professor of chest diseases.
This, in addition to my officials Pharco Pharmaceuticals Group, headed by Dr. Sherine Helmy, Vice Chairman and CEO of the Group, and Dr. Yasser Fayed, Chairman and Managing Director of the European Company.

For his part, a To Dr. Mohamed Awad Taj El-Din, The Pharco Group of Companies has made a huge effort during the Covid pandemic in providing medicines and serums to treat corona patients, with its huge manufacturing capabilities and many factories that have contributed to providing medicines and medical supplies to the health care sector in Egypt during the past two years, which has resulted in no shortage of medicines used to treat patients or complications The new Corona virus, while major and developed countries faced a crisis in providing medicines to patients during the pandemic. He praised the role of the Pharco Group in locally manufacturing the drug Molnoprava, which contributes to alleviating the symptoms of corona patients, and the preparation helps people with Covid- on feeling noticeable improvement and not needing hospital treatment, which confirms the role of national companies in providing medicines at reasonable prices to the local market, in line with the directions of the political leadership to provide medicines and serums to treat corona to confront The pandemic, this is in addition to continuing work on the initiative 624 Million health to preserve On the health of Egyptians.
and Dr. Sherine Helmy said that the company spares no effort in Supporting the country’s efforts to confront the Corona virus pandemic, and according to this vision, “Pharco” harnessed all its manufacturing capabilities to speed up drug production according to the latest technological and sterilization systems, due to “Pharco” great interest in producing and providing all global medicines and serums and meeting all the needs of the local market of medicines used to confront the pandemic.

and . In the same context, Dr. Tariq Safwat said that the Pharco group of companies provided medicines. Effective and affordable treatment for corona patients, the latest of which is Molnoprava, which is the latest antiviral intended to treat corona cases.

He pointed to Egypt’s experience in dealing with the new Corona pandemic during the past two years, which showed the strength of medical staff and institutions in Egypt in facing the pandemic, by providing huge capabilities, whether focused care rooms at the latest level, medicines and medical supplies.
Molnoprava is used to treat mild and moderate cases of corona patients from Adults over 19 1 year, as well as patients at risk of developing serious complications And this lotion helps people with Covid-19 to feel noticeable improvement And there is no need for hospital treatment, and the package of Molnoprava contains 84 capsule at the price of pounds.
The Egyptian Medicines Authority has approved the use of molonpiravir, which is the first oral treatment for adults at high risk.

It also reduces the risk of hospitalization and death by half for patients with mild to moderate disease, and I decided to limit the circulation of the drug within hospitals only, to ensure its use under full medical supervision, and according to To the standards approved by the scientific committees to ensure continuous therapeutic follow-up. Pharco Pharmaceutical always plays an important role in facing any pandemic, and indeed it has achieved great success in confronting the C virus epidemic. Over the past two years, which is the most ferocious and widespread disease in all countries of the world. The Pharco group of companies will remain fully prepared to launch any new drug to confront the common and most prevalent diseases.


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