Reda Abdel Qader, Head of the Egyptian Tax Authority: – Efforts to limit the tax community, integrate the informal economy into the official system and combat tax evasion, contribute to achieving tax justice among members of the entire community.

Reda Abdel Qader, Head of the Egyptian Tax Authority

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– Each owner or usufructuary of a property must notify the competent tax office of using his property or part of it in carrying out a taxable activity, within thirty days. days from the date of exploitation on Form No. (1 enumeration).

Confirmed “Satisfaction Abdel Qader, head of the Egyptian Tax Authority, “for the interest of the Minister of Finance and the Tax Authority in limiting the tax community, integrating the informal economy into the official system and combating tax evasion, which contributes to achieving tax justice among members of society as a whole, and creating transparency that opens the doors of fair competition and equal opportunities among companies. working within the community; In order to ensure upgrading the level of services provided to citizens.

“Abdul Qader” indicated that The Egyptian Tax Authority is working to spread tax awareness and communicate correct tax information to taxpayers through all available means of communication in order to create correct tax awareness among taxpayers and those addressed with the provisions of tax laws in a manner that ensures the correct application of the law and avoids them falling under legal accountability.

And “Dr. Mr. Mahmoud Saqr, Head of the Regions, Centers and Ports Sector,” added that according to the text of Article No. (9) of the Law Consolidated Tax Procedures No. 708 for the year

“Every owner or beneficiary of a real estate must notify the competent tax office of exploiting his real estate or part of it in the practice of a taxable activity, within thirty days from the date of exploitation.” The Egyptian Tax Authority calls upon those who are addressed by the provisions of this article from Owners or beneficiaries of real estate comply with the provisions of the law and promptly notify the competent tax office (these owners or beneficiaries are located within its geographical scope) that a A continent or part of it to be exploited in the exercise of a taxable activity according to the joint responsibility between the landlord and the tenant within thirty days from the date of exploitation, on Form No. (1 inventory).

Dr. El-Sayed Saqr clarified that the notification must include the name of the owner or usufructuary of the property, the address and area of ​​the property, the purpose for which the property is leased upon lease, as well as the name of the user and the address of the shop His residence and national number, stressing the importance of adhering to this in order to avoid falling under the law and the penalties for violating it stipulated in Article (50) of the Unified Tax Procedures Law, which is “punishable by a fine of not less than three thousand pounds and not more than fifty thousand pounds, in addition to the tax and other amounts due”

He pointed out that the IRS’s integrated call center receives the inquiries of financiers via the hotline “16395” and the e-mail “[email protected], and interacts with them immediately; In a manner that contributes to building tax awareness, and overcoming any obstacles that may face the tax community, in a manner that establishes the pillars of effective and fruitful communication with the tax community.

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