Passenger Tourism develops a two-pronged plan to get the tourism sector out of the tunnel of the Russian-Ukrainian war

Fathi Al-Sayeh

Dr. Atef Abdel Latif, President of the Travelers Association said Travel and Tourism, a member of the Marsa Alam and South Sinai Investors Association, said that the Egyptian tourism sector is currently groaning after the Russian and Ukrainian tourism stopped as a result of the war between them, especially since Ukraine and Russia are among the main markets exporting tourism to Egypt. )

Dr. Atef Abdel Latif, in his statements today, stressed the need to work on several axes simultaneously so that Egyptian tourism can cross the dark and clouded global tunnel with the Russian war, Ukraine, the Corona crisis, an economic depression that hits all parts of the world, and increasing inflation rates.

Dr. explained. Atef Abdel Latif that it is necessary to work on two important axes, the first of which is to take urgent measures, including the necessity of activating the initiatives of the Central Bank to support the tourism sector, especially those that were adopted in light of the Corona crisis to support the sector and return the tourism initiatives that had ended, including the initiative to drop part of the debts of the tourism sector resulting from Accumulation of interest on bank loans that expired in June

Atef Abdel Latif noted that the tourism sector, during the last period, due to the global crisis of Corona and the cessation of tourism activity, the owners of hotel and tourist establishments made scheduling checks on the government’s dues of water, electricity, taxes, banks and others, and in light of the current environment, the tourism sector is not strengthening The obligation to implement the agreed-upon settlements and scheduling, as well as the current operating expenses simultaneously, which exposes most of the tourism sector to criminal accountability in scheduling checks with government agencies and banks.

And Atef added that the solution to this is the issuance of a ministerial decision to postpone dealing with the previous scheduling and postpone the current dues. The tourism sector will be held for a period of 6 months until the vision becomes clear and tourism returns to normal and the tourism sector can pay its obligations because without this decision and the lack of instructions from government agencies, settlement checks due with the owners of tourist establishments will be dealt with judicially and criminally in light of the lack of possibility of payment at the present time.

As for the second axis, Dr. emphasized. Atef Abdel Latif that it is necessary to think about alternative markets to attract tourism to Egypt, such as Arab and Gulf tourism and East Asian countries, especially as we are approaching summer and the decline of the Corona wave and the high temperatures in these countries and their desire to spend beautiful and enjoyable times in the Egyptian beaches.
It was suggested by Dr. Atef also set up revitalizing programs for domestic tourism through discounts on hotels and domestic airline tickets, and setting up joint programs adopted by the Ministry of Tourism with civil aviation and tourist investor associations in tourist cities because domestic tourism has proven a significant force in light of the Corona period and the Russian tourism has stopped since 2015.

Dr. Atef Abdel Latif added It is necessary to market Egypt as tourism through various tourist products besides beach tourism such as eco-tourism, medical and sports, conference tourism, yachts and religious tourism such as Saint Catherine and the path of the Holy Family, as well as marketing Egypt as a country that attracts investments and capital in various sectors, and all this type of tourism we have the potential The large ones in it, but they only need well-marketed programs in the various countries that we aim to attract tourism from.