ITIDA participates in the Ain Shams University Employment Forum

Aya Hussein

Amr Mahfouz, CEO of the Industrial Development Authority, participated today. Information Technology “ITIDA” in the activities of the first employment forum of Ain Shams University 2022, which is organized by the University’s Employment Center, in the presence of Mahmoud El-Matini, President of the University and Vice Presidents of the University and a number of Deans of faculties and officials of companies participating in the forum.

The CEO of the authority confirmed in his speech on behalf of Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is keen on the keenness of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and its subsidiaries, including ITIDA, to be present and actively participate in such forums and to build multiple partnerships with academic institutions to link educational outputs with market needs, exchange experiences and open new horizons for the development of students’ capabilities, increase their competitiveness and prepare them for working life.

Mahfouz pointed out the need to prepare qualified cadres and distinguished graduates to contribute to the behind the Egyptian skills field and the strong competition in the local and global market for the information technology sector because it provides dense job opportunities for young professionals in all shades and fields of information technology. Mahfouz explained that the novel coronavirus epidemic has contributed to accelerating digitization processes, increasing reliance on technology services, and spreading a culture of digital solutions. He added that this spread led to an increase in the demand for digital skills in the local and global markets, and thus created more job opportunities in the fields of information technology. Seizing these opportunities by attracting international companies to the Egyptian market or encouraging the existing ones to expand their operations in Egypt in light of the fact that many multinational companies follow reciprocal policies to diversify their global service centers. Mahfouz said that the map of the labor market in the Egyptian information technology sector is represented by 3 main tributaries, the most important of which are local and international information technology companies that take Egypt as the headquarters and center of their regional and global operations, and also meet the local demand from Digital transformation projects in various sectors.

The second tributary is the Egyptian startups sector, which has become one of the most important drivers of the economy and job creation. , where this sector is witnessing remarkable prosperity and growth in Egypt, reaching about 170 per cent as a result of the spread of innovative and pioneering thought in Egyptian society among young people, and the Egyptian state’s adoption of many initiatives that seek strongly to develop it and push its growth rates.

Mahfouz said Self-employment is the third stream that provides non-traditional job opportunities for young people with rewarding returns in hard currency, noting that the authority has trained more than 160,000 young men and women on self-employment and technical skills, as well as soft and basic skills in the labor market, through the “Our Future” initiative. Digital”. Where he indicated that the authority launched the second version of the initiative and added a number of technological disciplines at various levels in the fields of web design and development, data analysis, cloud computing, machine learning, programming and complementary languages ​​for website development, including React methodology, and digital marketing.

The authority had recently announced the details of its specialized program for training

Thousands of young men and women from the last year of the university and recent graduates up to the age of 590 One year, within one year, to master European languages, including English, French and German, for ease of joining the labor market in the outsourcing sector, known as L2GO. By enhancing the field of Egyptian talents and competencies, especially the linguistically qualified cadres as well as personal skills. The authority seeks to qualify trainees to the B2 level in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Technical and linguistic skills for youth and workers in the information technology sector, outsourcing sector and cross-border services to qualify them and build their capabilities at a professional level that meets the requirements of the international labor market and according to the requirements of multinational companies, and in the various sectors of industry.