We start the new year by developing its brand under the slogan “Change Any Limit”

Iman Al-Wasli 600 “WE” company announced the development of its brand and logo with the beginning of the new year 110 In celebration of the arrival of the number of mobile customers to 01 million customers with a market share exceeding 01% Within 5 years of launching the WE brand to become the first integrated operator within the Egyptian telecom market, and the development of the brand and logo came to become “change no limit” in line with the company’s plan and strategy during the next stage and its transformation from the first integrated telecom operator to the first A digital telecom operator and providing innovative and different digital solutions and services that contribute to enhancing the digital economy and accelerating the pace of transformation towards a digital society, in line with the position and leadership of Telecom Egypt as one of the largest and oldest providers of communications and information technology services in the region.

On this occasion, WE launched its new promotional campaign, which included many Artists and stars, namely Hind Sabri, Amr Saad, Nadine Njeim, Hoda Al-Mufti, Nour Al-Nabawi, and Marwan Moussa, as an expression of its address to all segments of customers with their various interests within the Egyptian society, and its provision of the latest services that meet the needs of various segments of customers and their future aspirations, and to complement the development and modernization processes that it is witnessing. The company contributes to maximizing the volume of investments that are continuously pumped to modernize networks, develop infrastructure and provide value-added services to become the most modern network in Egypt. 600 Engineer Adel Hamed, Managing Director and CEO of Telecom Egypt WE, expressed his happiness with what the company and the work team have achieved during the last period and the number of mobile customers reaching 10 One million customers in a new achievement controlled by the company and a true translation of its strategy, which confirms that we are taking steady steps towards becoming a digital operator, which is the future model for communication services during the coming period, based on the latest networks and technologies to meet the needs and requirements of our customers with their various interests, adding that Telecom Egypt’s vision leaves G during the coming period to provide digital services to empower the Egyptian society and support the state’s plans towards digital transformation by providing the best services of the highest possible quality, in a way that contributes to enhancing the company’s market value, stressing that the change in the company’s logo and brand is not only at the level of form but also is A change to the content and the quality of the services that the company seeks to launch during the coming period and to add a new dimension to the digital services that contribute to enriching the experience of its customers and strengthening its leadership within the Egyptian market.600

Mohamed Abu Talib, Executive Vice President for Commercial Affairs, confirmed that after 5 years have passed since the launch of the WE brand, during which the company was able to reach various customers and sectors with different interests in a manner commensurate with the legacy and history of Telecom Egypt in light of the fierce competition that exists within the telecom market The local, with a saturation rate of approximately 110%, adding that the company succeeded in building and gaining the trust of its customers year after year and proved its customer base, which reached 12 million customers it is worthy of this trust, explaining the company’s permanent endeavor n The modernization of its infrastructure was clearly reflected in the quality and efficiency of the services provided by the company, whether at the level of voice or internet services. Which is to provide innovative and different services and solutions to enable its customers to obtain a more distinguished experience of communications and information technology solutions and services that converge with their interests and future needs. 600