Talaat is discussing with Madan Mohan Tripathi cooperation in the field of building digital capabilities

Aya Hussain

Dr./ Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, held a meeting with Dr. Madan Mohan Tripathi, Director General of the National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT) in the Indian capital, New Delhi; During the meeting, they discussed ways of joint cooperation in the field of developing digital skills within the framework of the initiatives and programs offered by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, which aim to build the capacities of young people and train them on the latest global technologies in the fields of communications and information technology.

The meeting discussed means of cooperation between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the National Institute of Electronics and Technology Information technology in capacity development in the fields of information technology, electronics design and artificial intelligence, through the implementation of training programs in cooperation with the Institute of Information Technology and we schools of applied technology in Egypt, as well as training students enrolled in the Digital Egypt Builders initiative.

It is worth noting that the National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology is affiliated to the Ministry of Railways, Communications, Electronics and Technology Indian information; specialized in providing formal and informal education and training; It provides a number of training programs in the fields of technology, as well as granting diplomas and master’s degrees in communication sciences and information technology, including artificial intelligence, cyber security, block chain, and electronic design. It also has programs for virtual education.

Dr. Amr Talaat also met with Mr. Vikas Jain, Managing Director of “ MicroMax, which specializes in manufacturing mobile phones, and Mr. Rohan Agarwal, General Manager of PLAY, which specializes in manufacturing accessories for mobile phones and chargers; Where they discussed the plans of the two companies to expand in the markets of Egypt, the Middle East and Africa, and discussed ways to increase investments in the field of electronic manufacturing, and to make Egypt a regional center for the two companies in the markets of Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The meeting witnessed a review of Egypt’s strategy to “manufacture electronics”, and shed light on the incentives provided by the Egyptian government for local manufacturing. For mobile phones and electronics.

Dr. Amr Talaat also met with Prof. Sultan Haidar, founder and head of the Innovative Research Center of Siemens Healthcare for Medical Technology (ITT). Where they discussed joint cooperation in the areas of supporting digital innovation and entrepreneurship, building digital capabilities, and using modern technologies to find innovative technological solutions.

During his visit to the innovative research center of “Siemens Healtheners” company for medical technology ITT, Dr. Amr Talaat and his accompanying delegation toured the laboratory. In the center, during which he learned about the latest sustainable technologies and innovative solutions provided by the laboratory, and he also took a virtual tour to see the activities of the factory in Erlangen, Germany.

. throughout the Republic to hone the digital skills of young people, discover innovators, support digital creativity and entrepreneurship, and establish networking forums between entrepreneurs and investors; Pointing out that the startups and entrepreneurship sector enjoys a regional leadership in light of the continuous growth witnessed by the sector.

The meeting touched on the existing areas of cooperation between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the Center; The center launched a capacity-building program, ITT Egypt, at the Digital Egypt Creativity Center in Sultan Hussein Kamel Palace last year.

102405192123100046 The two sides discussed means of exchanging experiences in the areas of strategies and plans to support innovation and the establishment of incubators to encourage entrepreneurship in technological fields, and discussed the possibility of the presence of the innovative research center in the Digital Egypt Creativity Center in the Sultan’s Palace. Hussein Kamel, as well as the possibility of organizing the annual global event of the ITT Research Center in Egypt.

It is noteworthy that “Siemens Healtheners” is a leading company in the field of medical technology, and works to innovate a range of products and services that include medical and therapeutic diagnostic imaging, laboratory diagnostics, and molecular medicine, while the research center is The company’s innovation vessel serves as the company’s innovative vessel that actively participates with ministries and health care institutions to enable them to develop infrastructure for sustainable local innovation. Siemens Healthcare established an office in Egypt a year ago 2016.

102405192123100046 The meetings were attended by Eng. Ahmed Al-Zaher, Acting CEO of the Information Technology Industry Development Agency “ITIDA”, and Eng. Shereen El-Gendy, Assistant Minister of Communications and Information Technology for Strategy and Implementation, and Eng. Mohamed Nasr El-Din, Assistant Minister for International Information Infrastructure.

102405192123100046 It is worth mentioning that Dr. Amr Talaat is visiting India during the period from 9 to 13 January; During which he will meet with a number of government officials and CEOs of major Indian companies specialized in the field of communications and information technology, and discuss cooperation and attract Indian investments to the Egyptian market.