Cooperation protocol between the Orman Association and the Sanad Application Foundation for Comprehensive Development

Aya Hussain

Signed a group of companies Mega Trust, through its affiliate Sanad Application Foundation for Comprehensive Development, signed a cooperation protocol with the Orman Charity Association, aiming to support cooperation between the two institutions through the implementation of new and innovative technological projects and solutions; It contributes significantly and effectively to supporting digital transformation and the comprehensive development of our beloved Egypt.

On this occasion, Dr. Islam Nasrallah, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Mega Trust Group of Companies, and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Sanad Application Foundation for Comprehensive Development, expressed his happiness at signing this protocol with a well-established charitable institution such as the Orman Charitable Association, which Its charitable work extends to all parts of Egypt from its north to its south, in addition to its great role in the field of health through Shefaa Al-Orman Hospital in Luxor for the treatment of children’s cancer for free, in addition to what the charity does in terms of developing the villages of the presidential initiative, a decent life, and this is in addition to its great role within the National Alliance for civil and development work, as its projects are signs in the field of charitable work in Egypt.

And Nasrallah said, Through this protocol, we aim to support charitable work in Egypt through a number of projects, technological solutions, and smart applications that support digital transformation, on top of which is the Sanad application, which is considered one of the patents. Owned by Mega Terrace Group T, which uses artificial intelligence techniques, with the aim of contributing to the development of charities in Egypt.

7112713418209132998 Dr. Islam Nasrallah also announced the entry of the Mega Trust Group and the application of Sanad as a strategic sponsor of the annual conference on sustainable development in its third edition, which is organized by the Orman Charity Association in Luxor Governorate, during the period from 150 to 15 Jan.

Dr. Islam Nasrallah added that the Ministry of Social Solidarity, at the end of last year, approved the official accreditation of the Sanad Application Foundation for Comprehensive Development, which is a non-profit charitable organization that seeks to support digital transformation by linking charities in Egypt electronically with donors on the one hand and beneficiaries of support on the other, through an electronic application that provides Innovative technological solutions that guarantee, for the first time, that support will reach those who are entitled to meet their needs and eliminate random donations through which the beneficiary may receive support more than once, thus depriving others who are eligible for support from those donations.

The Sanad application also links charitable associations and supporting agencies on the one hand, and thousands of service providers in all areas that the beneficiary needs, whether health, education, or food And others.. through the innovative electronic wallet through which payments are made to all service providers so that the funds are transferred from the support provider to the service provider without the beneficiary getting cash, which achieves the vision of the Egyptian state in financial inclusion and digital transformation through the dissemination of payment services It eliminates the corruption of fundraising operations that many swindlers exploit to obtain money from citizens in the street unlawfully.

Nasrallah pointed out that the Sanad application aims to regulate the work of charitable associations, and the company does not aim for profit. His idea aims to organize volunteering and donation operations and direct them in the right direction. And through it, all well-known charities are linked, and every individual who receives a donation or assistance is registered on it, so that each individual gets what he deserves through the electronic wallet, and the trading in the need that we see in the Egyptian street ends. Every day, bad phenomena in which we see a clear form of exploitation of children and women.

It is worth noting that there are close to 15 charitable associations that have been registered on the Sanad application so far, including names of associations A large charity, in addition to the existence of discussions with the Ministry of Social Solidarity to implement the project under the umbrella of the Ministry so that all charities in Egypt are registered on the Sanad application and all beneficiaries from the activities of these charities.