In a surprise visit, the Minister of Trade and Industry inspects the Small Industries Complex in Hurghada

Books: Fathy Al-Sayeh

Minister of Trade and Industry Nevin Gamea paid a surprise visit to the Small Industries Complex in Hurghada, as part of her visit to the city this morning to participate in the activities of the second parliamentary forum of the Parliamentary Authority of the Future of the Nation Party. The Minister was accompanied during the visit by Representative Mohamed Kamal Marei, Chairman of the Committee on Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises in the House of Representatives, and Mr. Hatem Al-Ashry, Advisor to the Minister for Institutional Communication.

The Minister inspected a number of production units in the complex, which is located on an area of ​​40 acres. It includes 225 a small, medium and micro industrial unit, and includes food, engineering and chemical industrial sectors, decorative building materials, furniture and ready-made clothes, as well as The complex includes a mosque, a bank, restaurants, cafeterias, an administrative building, a building and exhibitions.

The Minister continued during her tour with The complex of the production movement with the units that started the actual production, and I listened to some of the challenges facing investors, both with regard to completing the privatization procedures, the availability of production requirements and the ability to export.