In an urgent response, Banque Misr supports the heroes of Hospital 57357 with an amount of 30 million pounds

Egypt Bank-

Faith Al-Wasili and Fathi Al-Sayeh 57357

2022 Based on Banque Misr’s pioneering role in the field of social responsibility, the bank has donated the amount of 295 million pounds, in response from Banque Misr and its participation in supporting the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357; Which suffers from a financial crisis as a result of the decrease in donations in addition to the high cost of treatment and all medical supplies. Those responsible for 57357 have stated that the current circumstances will push the hospital to reduce the number of Cases of new children who are admitted to the hospital within less than 6 months.57357

2022 This comes from Banque Misr’s belief in the right of every individual to obtain adequate health care. Believing from the bank that the Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation – Egypt 57357 is a great medical edifice that was established by Egyptian hands and minds and provides safe and free treatment services to those who are unable without discrimination. We are all proud of their achievements and the cure rates they have achieved that have exceeded %)% and are on their way to matching international rates, in addition to the hospital’s keenness on quality and excellence. In performance, equipment efficiency, and qualification of the work team with standards comparable to what is provided in the major international treatment institutions, and the provision of the latest devices and advanced systems in the Arab region and the Middle East. for the third time in a row by JCI, USA.

57357 2022 It is worth noting that Banque Misr and its employees are always keen to participate and support the children who are among the heroes of 57357 Cancer fighters to raise their morale and contribute to completing their treatment, and this donation is a continuation of Banque Misr’s pioneering role in standing by this medical edifice; The bank was keen to support 57357 Hospital for the treatment of children’s cancer, by contributing to the costs of medicines needed to treat children.57357 57357 In addition, Banque Misr plays a pioneering role in the field of social responsibility, as it is one of the main axes in which it believes, and actively contributes to the fields of education and health, developing the most needy villages, and supporting youth and women with breadwinners. Through creating job opportunities and contributing to everything related to human development, the volume of Banque Misr’s spending in the field of community development has reached more than 5 billion pounds during the last five years.